Lithium Battery Replacements for AA & AAA

I have many rechargeable battery flashlights. But I would like to create some bug out or emergency bags, with flashlight in them. I was reading that no rechargeable Lithium batteries can go 8-10 year and still work. I have some nice AA & AAA flashlights but have Alkaline in them.

Is there a size of Lithium battery that would replace my alkaline, either AA or AAA (or both)?

If yes, would just about any brand would do a decent job, like the many choices on Amazon?


without the circuitry that gages the LI cell draw and temp - it would be very unsafe. If someone made a battery that did all that internal into a say aa size cell it would be useful but very very expensive.

I think FMC1959 is just talking about standard Lithium batteries (note, not Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, just the plain 'ol non-rechargeable Lithium cells). Those do have a ~10 year shelf life. They also work much better in cold conditions compared to alkaline cells. There is no one-size-fits-all replacement but you can get them in all common sizes, AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, CR123, etc. The aren’t hard to find, anywhere that sells batteries should have them. I often buy them at the supermarket.
For CR123 size I’ve bought Surfire, Energizer, and Duracell and I haven’t noticed any difference in performance between them. For AAAs and AAs I usually buy Energizer since that’s what my local stores tend to stock. If this is for emergency preparedness I’d avoid no-name brands off Amazon but I’d be happy with any major brand.

Yes, like MechaMan stated, regular, non-rechargeable, single use batteries. And as stated at the beginning, I am looking to setup a couple of emergency bags with flashlights, among other things, where the batteries will have the longest shelf life possible, using flashlights I already have (Olight i5r and some i3t).

For Lithium AA or AAA, are there mAh ratings, like in the rechargeables, to gauge batteries that last longer, or are they simply 1.5v and any decent brand will last as long as the next?

AH so. I’ve never used a li battery in that type. either CR123 or some coin cell device. for AA like devices I use those duracell quantom or such with the 10 yr span.

or in the car I keep a rechargeable setup - that I pull out of the back and use and re-charge during scheduled MX.

I am not aware of any advertised differences in capacity. I use Energizer Ultra Lithium AAs in my vehicle emergency flashlights. I don’t know if they are literally the best out there but they are widely available and they frequently perform the best, often by a large margin, in battery shootout tests. I also use them in outdoor trail cameras and they perform great in that application, including below freezing temperatures.

I have several flashlights I use for outdoor activities, they all take CR123s. As I mentioned in my earlier post I haven’t noticed any practical difference between Surefire, Energizer Ultra, or Duracell. I’ve been buying mainly the Surefire and the Energizer since those are what are available near me for a good price. I’d happily choose any major brand but I don’t trust no-names, especially not sketchy import ones, and certainly not for emergency prep supplies.

I use either Energizer or Duracell lithium batteries in my car emergency gear. I’m sure they’re good enough, though I’ve never used them, because I haven’t had an emergency yet.

well I’m sold going to find some of those energizer ones for my 2 headlamps that take AAA’s

I just bought some AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium, they say on the package “20 year shelf life”, which is perfect.