Looking for deal on Makita cordless router

Hi guys, I’m looking for a deal on the Makita cordless router kit, model XTR01T7 or equivalent package. The kit is going for around $345 on Amazon right now, and a hair more on ACME Tools. I already have a lot of Makita corded and cordless tools and am looking to stick with them.

I wouldn’t mind getting a couple more 5amp batteries as I have their track saw (love it!), lights and a few drivers. I could go with the bare tool, but the purist in me would like some of the extra components that come with the kit. Feedback on the router or suggestions on finding a better deal are welcome!


I see this - comes to $285 using promo code VM2018

But I don’t know anything about this vendor

see some mixed reviews:


but the $345 price at Amazon seems to be from them

Great catch, it hadn’t occurred to me to look at the vendor’s own website. I pulled the trigger and ordered from them. The Makita addiction continues.

Hope it works out well for you - I always worry a bit about some of the third-party vendors on Amazon - but guess that many are decent.
I bought this kit as a gift last year - and the recipient really likes it. I think mine came form ToolUp - with some extra batteries (2+2) and I bought some different bases (19561-4 and 19562-2) - but I paid more than $285