Looking for discontinued tool

Hi! I’m new to this forum (I’ve never actually been on a forum before :woman_shrugging:t3:) and I’m hoping someone here can help. I am DESPERATELY trying to locate a discontinued Klein level 932-9RESEN for my husband. I understand that there is a replacement but he prefers this one to the new alternative. I was hoping that someone could give me an idea where I could look (Google, Amazon, Facebook market, eBay, etc has failed me) or knows of someone who is selling theirs? Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

It says 1 (one) in stock. Good luck!!!

Hi Mick,
Thank you! I actually contacted them and they don’t have it unfortunately. Thank you for your help though :blush:

Wow, nice of you to do that!

eBay is where I’d look first, since it looks like the stores have stopped carrying it, and sold all their old inventory. You can create a search, and then tell it to notify you if it finds something.

Meanwhile, the Klein 935RB looks pretty similar (9" long, four vials, one at 30 degrees). The only difference I can see is that the 935RB has one corner clipped off, supposedly to make it easier to stuff in a pocket, plus it has magnets to stick to conduit and the like (which the 932 might have as well, I can’t tell for sure.) And it’s orange. Those changes seem like good things, though I’m neither a plumber nor an electrician.

Good luck!

Hi thank you! For some reason he doesn’t like the newer version as much and his old one is getting old and beat up lol. Thanks for you help!

Try these electrical supply houses! If not , amazon has a very similar model but not Klein Screenshot_20201101-160135_Chrome|281x500

Thank you so so much for these leads! Hopefully one pans out for me :crossed_fingers: