Lowe's clearancing out Bosch?


Was at my local Lowe’s today and noticed there were several Bosch 18v products that were marked clearance and were 50% off:
18v Brushless Hammerdrill
18v Drill
18v 4-tool combo
18v 2-tool combo
18v 2-tool Heavy Duty combo

Anybody know what’s going on? Maybe they are clearing out space to add Craftsman?


I noticed some Bosch things on Clearance at Menards. About 1/2 off, I think.


Saw this today at our local lowe’s. I hope they are not closing off the brand. Lowe’s and Menard’s are the only two local sources I have. It was the brushed compact 18v drill, hds 18v brushless hammerdrill, a battery pack, and one other item I cannot remm er exactly. The rest was all normal price so here’s hoping a1ll they are doing is making room for newer Bosch models. Hopefully brushless 12 volt, and some more of the brushless 18v.


Gotta make room for the new Craftsman power tools… Just kidding I really have no clue why they would clearance them, my local store still has everything regular priced.