Lowe's clearancing out Bosch?

EDIT: Looks like they did it to make room for products packaged with Core 18V batteries. There is a 4AH Core battery selling separate, and 4AH battery+charger, and several drills/combos with the Core battery. Batteries were on the shelves. Tools/combos were still in top stock.

Was at my local Lowe’s today and noticed there were several Bosch 18v products that were marked clearance and were 50% off:
18v Brushless Hammerdrill
18v Drill
18v 4-tool combo
18v 2-tool combo
18v 2-tool Heavy Duty combo

Anybody know what’s going on? Maybe they are clearing out space to add Craftsman?

I noticed some Bosch things on Clearance at Menards. About 1/2 off, I think.

Saw this today at our local lowe’s. I hope they are not closing off the brand. Lowe’s and Menard’s are the only two local sources I have. It was the brushed compact 18v drill, hds 18v brushless hammerdrill, a battery pack, and one other item I cannot remm er exactly. The rest was all normal price so here’s hoping a1ll they are doing is making room for newer Bosch models. Hopefully brushless 12 volt, and some more of the brushless 18v.

Gotta make room for the new Craftsman power tools… Just kidding I really have no clue why they would clearance them, my local store still has everything regular priced.

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Maybe Bosch is going to be releasing some new tools soon and they are freeing up shelf space in preparation?

Well that may not be a joke. I think they do deals with lines of tools. I know Home Depot lost Cub Cadet mower line once because they only wanted to carry one or two of their mowers so I think MTD pulled all their mowers and Home Depot went with John Deere…so SB&D could be saying carry our Craftsman line or else and Lowe’s may have to make a decision to pull one line of tools to make room.

Speaking ofmLowe’s and Bosch, yesterday I saw a Bosch EC(brushles)drill driver marked down from $219 to $119. Forgot to write down model number. One thing I will give Lowe’s and Menard’s over HomemDepot. When they put something on sale or closeout they don’t fool around. You never see markdowns on anything at HD like that. They are more into special buys of huge lots of a certain tool promotion or addons like additonal batteries chucked in when you buy a kit.

My experience has been different, maybe different stores have different policies, or we’re looking at different tools. At the Menards around me, when they clearance something they knock off 5% and let it sit forever. Many times its priced higher than a very similar item. I rarely see a tool that’s deeply discounted unless it’s end of mowing or snowblowing season.

I’ve also seen killer deals at HD from 50 to 75% off. Lowes can be the same way, and other times they knock a few percent off and let tools sit on clearance for months.

Hi Ben. You know, there are regional variaces in what these stores stock. One such deal was the Makita three tool sub compact kit I saw at HD. I noticed it at two larger stores in our metro area. Yet at our smallish store in my town it is nowhere to be seen. I asked a clerk about it in the larger store and he told me it was common. He said sometimes stores in certain markets were not allowed to stock or order certain items. I am not sure if it apllies to to deliver-to-stores ordering or not but he said it could get weird what was sold in one store compared to another. Just a few months ago Menards had the Fein 250 iwith a few blades and bag for 105 dollars after sale price and rebate. Even before rebate it was marked at114 or so which is 50 dollars off the regular price. So yeah, it must have regional differences because our local HD never has the in store managers sales . Ladt week I saw DeWalt hot glue guns on closeout with big yellow sticker for 19.99. Regular price; 19.99. LOL

Even differences in managers. There was one guy who always clearanced stuff at rock bottom prices in the local Home Depot. He left and now there are just meh! deals there.

Same with Lowe’s. With Lowes, also the employees often buy the best stuff before they even hit the shelves. A Lowe’s employee told me this when I’d ordered something online, shown as available, and then it was not available (happened twice). The Lowe’s Bessey clamp clearance when they stopped carrying them, was amazing (70% off), and I got a bunch of parallel clamps I could not have afforded otherwise.

A while back Menards had great closeout prices on some things. Now not so much. Don’t think that was the manager, just the chain overall.