Lowes clearing out Kobalt Tool Chests

I got a nice tip on reddit and checked it out for myself. Basically Lowes is getting rid of most Kobalt Tool chests to make room for Craftsman. (Note, this is only tool chests, not anything else!).

Disclaimer: Every lowes is different. My Lowes had about 8 Tool chests on clearance and 3 not on clearance. A different Lowes had dozens, with a sign that said “Everything must go, make an offer.” A 3rd Lowes had nothing on clearance except the brand new cabinets with the side sliding pegboards.

So find a tool chest you like on clearance. Then go to the CS desk and say “A friend told me that his Lowes was doing a Make-an-Offer sale on Kobalt branded tool chests, but I would have to talk to a manager to get the deal.” Now, every store and manager is different, so you might just get a manager that says you’re crazy. Try a different store if you can.

I got this https://i.imgur.com/FWXZ3wQ.jpg Originally $500, Marked down to $250. Manager gave me an extra 25% off the clearance price, making it $187.


Who makes the Kobalt tool chests for Lowes?

Not 100% sure, but it is made in China, like every other one. Last I heard it was Shanghai Hom-Steel Industry Co Ltd.

And to follow up on my original post. The Model# in the clearance tag was incorrect. This is the cabinet I got New Kobalt Tool Storage Combo is More Than a Little Different