Lowes Dewalt XR jigsaw, multi tool and orbital sander

Lowes has the Dewalt XR jigsaw DCS334 , XR multi tool DCS356 and XR orbital sander DCW210 with 4.0 battery and charger for 299.00. The jigsaw itself usually can’t be purchased for under 175.00. Maybe this deal has been posted before but I thought it worth bringing attention to.


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Kind of late with a response, but that jigsaw is very nice. It is a high quality tool. An orbital sander is a sander. They seem to put that sander into every kit now days, people like it.

All the of those for 299? That’s a good deal if you need one or 2 of them. Yes the sander is the cheapest single tool of the set but it’s supposed to be a great RO sander. Meanwhile I hear good things about the jig saw and I have the OMT.

SO if you need either of those and want the charger and battery I think it’s a decent deal

Jigsaw is great… I had to cut trees into shutters, got a Ryobi and it sucked for air, almost making me think a jigsaw was NOT the way to go… But I got the jigsaw and it made a complete difference for precision cutting… AND control of the blade