M12 jig saw vs M12 circular saw

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Which will cut more 2x lumber with a given battery pack, the Milwaukee M12 Fuel Circular Saw (2530-20) or the Milwaukee M12 Jig Saw (2445-20)? I know the circular saw would be faster, but I don’t care about that. All I care about is the inches of 2x lumber I can cut. I’m thinking the jigsaw would have thinner blades, so it could cut more, but I’m not sure of that. Any guidance for me?

Hello @KokoTheTalkingApe,

On Toolguyd they quote Milwaukee saying this 2530 circular saw can complete 170 cuts in 2x4 boards per battery charge with an XC 4.0Ah pack, or 49.6 feet (170 x 3.5″ x 1’/12″) of cut capacity per battery charge.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find info on the 2445 jigsaw, but at least you already know half the answer. Best of luck!

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The circular saw will cut more. The jig saw is brushed, and despite the smaller blade you’re also moving the entire mechanism to make the blade reciprocate. The blades also typically aren’t as aggressive. With a good quality thin framing blade for the circular, it will definitely cut a lot more 2x4s. Without having numbers, using a 2Ah battery, I would estimate the jig saw will cut about 10-12 feet of 1/2” plywood, that’s using an aggressive blade but cutting a circle. The circular on a 2Ah battery will get through ripping a couple 2x4s before it dies. So probably about double on the circular saw in terms of amount cut.

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