Mafell Tools - New USA Dealer

Mafell power tools are arguably some of the best made anywhere.

I see that the Tool Nut has now started carrying some of the Mafell line:

While the Mafell items I’ve bought over the years have been few and far between its good to see another US merchant as a source - to compare to Timberwolf:

Once in a while Mafell tools show up on Amazon Marketplace from 3rd party vendors - but usually with a stiff mark up and sometimes in European configuration:

compared to USA models:

Resurrecting an old thread here…

When I saw Mafell on, I was also excited about a new USA dealer. Turns out it’s not the case.

I called Toolnut and asked them if they are now a new authorized Mafell dealer in the USA. I was told that Toolnut made a deal with Timberwolf and all Mafell tools are sourced from them. Meaning pricing and availability will be roughly identical. Which is sad, as I thought that the introduction of a new dealer will bring pricing more in line to what Mafell sells for across the pond.


Thanks for the update

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