Magnetic battery holder

Hey guys

I’ve been trying to find a magnetic boot for my M12 batteries like Snap-on uses on their 14v batteries so I can attach tools like ratchets and compact impacts to machines I’m working on. So far my best idea is to glue a strong magnet to bottom of battery and destroy serial number if I need warranty. Any ideas?


I just took a look at my m12 batts and I’d think you could glue a magnet on the bottom without it covering up the serial number.

I’m still not sure about glueing directly to battery, but after posting (almost right after) on Cornwell Tools website and found almost what I was looking for minus the magnet, PRM1220C and PRM1230C. would a ceramic magnet be strong enough or should I try stronger

do you want to hold the battery or the tool. Off the cuff it might be better to have the magnet on the tool if that is the desire.

Otherwise you can find magnets that have a weight rating - or rather a force rating. I think you could easily find a magnet that would hold up the smaller tools.

what I’m trying to do is copy snap-on

sorry don’t know why I posted incomplete

trying to copy snap-on on
ctlmag-boot idea for my M12 batteries. idea works good from what I’ve seen. seems the base of battery is the flattest part of a tool, battery combination so would be best place to place magnet.

here’s a update had a harbor freight magnet tool holder that I dropped and lost half the magnets, glued 2 to the bottom of my 2.0 battery. battery was out of warranty anyway. they were not strong enough to hold my 3/8 fuel ratchet to a dump trucks bumper

I don’t see anything for sale, but you could go download a 3d model, modify it so you can add a strong magnet, and print as many as you want.

so if I understand correctly print a new case with magnet already imbedded in it and use the cells in my battery pack right.

I took it as case/sleeve for the battery with the mags in it. or maybe case/sleeve for the tool handle with the mags in it.

question why not use the belt hook and just hang it off your belt/pockets?

I suppose you might be able to pause the printer drop a magnet in place, then resume printing and let the printer seal it in, if you do that you should publish it, that would be cool. But it would probably be easier to print a recess and glue the magnet in, or print two pieces that snap together around the magnet. Sort of like a lego. Here’s an example of a model someone made that uses magnets to wall mount a phone holder. Articulating, Wall-Mounted, Magnetic Phone Mount by doctriam - Thingiverse

The main reason I’m trying to do this is because of my ratchet. just to keep close and secure when up on some of the larger earth moving equipment I work on. another idea I’ve had is just put a forked hook on a magnet and hang it somewhere easy to get to and out of the way so I don’t knock it off. last night I seen on Facebook where
someone did something similar with a different mount for the impacts looks like a better solution than my idea ,belt clips are good but not went I have to squeeze all 6’3" and 250lbs of me in to a tight place

The more I thought about this I was sort of thinking of like a holster for your belt. or such.

as I could see someone leaving their tool on said equipment and walking away from it. Or I guess in your case even just moving to the other side is pretty far away.

not sure a holster would be any better than belt clip. think the reason I’m looking so heavily into the magnetic solution is there’s usually a good surface to attach it to and it stays close to work area. when working at ground level I’ve attached a stainless pegboard to my box with a few double hangers to put tools on guess I’m looking for that convenience on larger machines or while under on road or under anything

on road trucks is what that last sentence was supposed to say

Napalm is this something like you had in mind

just ordered something similar sized for my ratchet sorry if I miss understood before

thanks everyone for ideas will post pics of what I decided soon

yep something akin to that. My dewalts (not 12V mind you) all have the belt hook option.

so like when I did my heads on the G8 I used my impact driver with a 3/8 adapter and sockets to pull most of the top of the engine apart. fast as get out. and I’d hook the belt hook on when I’d walk away from the hood. tool was always near - etc.

But I also see your point there - under the car that’s nearly useless. plunking it to the frame would be handy under the car. Good Luck - curious am I

nthanks to MechaMan, Napalm and Stacey for your response and ideas. For my impact driver I decided to epoxy a non marring magnet to the back of the tool

It works best with high capacity battery because rubber on bottom of it keeps tool from sliding down magnet not quite strong enough to hold by itself
On my ratchet I went with a holder made by MM Printz that was made to be mounted on a pegboard or wall. I attached a 25lbs magnet to I it and it holds great.

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