Magnetic guide bit holder

Does anyone know of a quality magnetic guide bit holder? I prefer the 3" size, but will be happy to try any that people have had good experiences with. I’ve been through dozens of DeWalt and Bosch brand holders. The sleeve usually lasts about a day and a half. If you have ever slipped off the screw and stabbed yourself in the hand, you know how valuable that little sleeve is.

I use a DeWalt and Craftsman, I’d say they are of the same quality, not good not bad. Had both for a couple years and maybe I’ve just been lucky with them but they are on borrowed time.

I have used the Dewalt in the past, wasn’t bad. For the last 6 months-year I’ve been using Milwaukee shockwave it’s lasted quite long, (though the bit retention ring recently fell out, the magnet holds the bit in place for the most part)

I’m wondering what you’re doing with your drill that you are breaking the bit guides? I’ve used a variety of DeWalt bit holders for years. I’ve only seen a couple lose the sleeve, and that’s been after years of use landscaping (decking and arbors) and home repair.

If you have a habit of slipping out of the screw head, maybe try something better than Phillips? Robertsons hold the bit a lot better. They are a bit pricier in the States, but if you order bulk it’s not bad at all.

Yes, I have definitely had a lot better luck with the star-drive screws by GRK. however, many specialty screws, such as trim heads through maple have a tendency to slip.
My problem with the guide sleeve is the retention ring breaks and then the sleeve constantly falls off.

For visual reference.

This particular image is from Montana Tool, US made, however I’ve never used them but the design looks like all the others.

This one looks interesting, I think Menards carries them.