Makita 12V LXT vs CXT

From what I’m seeing online, the trend doesn’t look like Makita is continuing with their 12V LXT line, but instead going with the 12V CXT line.

I’m curious as to why they would do this since it seems Bosch and Milwaukee both are still sticking with a 12V barrel-type battery instead of the wide base that allows you to stand the tool up. Those two brands actually seem more versatile since only the larger capacities have the wider base but the smaller capacities maintain the compact form.

I feel like that the barrel type keeps the tool in a more compact format and prefer this much more.


I got the Makita CXT brushless drill and impact after having the latest M12 drill and impact for about a month before returning. I can only compare these tools and not any other of the M12/CXT line up.
The Makita tools are slightly more compact in length and height. They are way more compact in girth. The Makita fit in my truck bag better than the Milwaukee did (had to keep them in their own bag for the most part).
Now I will say that the M12 drill and impact has a good bit more power and felt like they could be someone’s primary set. I would hesitate to make the same recommendation with the Makita CXT unless you ONLY had light duty needs. I’ve pushed them and they haven’t let me down but they don’t have that extra gear the M12 does (a trade off for the smaller form factor for sure).

With said, I think the Makita set would be even more compact if they had stuck with the 12V LXT instead, no?

The part I don’t understand is why they would abandon their 12V LXT line for the newer 12V CXT line. I feel the older form factor is more in line with what Bosch and Milwaukee are currently doing.

The bare CXT tools are slimmer and shorter than the pod style tools (LXT, M12 and Bosch). Since the batteries are slide packs they are able to have slimmer handles. The slide packs are about the same weight as the pod packs for like AH ratings. I like the slimmer handles and being able to stand the tool up with the compact batteries (I know you can stand any of them up with the higher capacity batteries).
If your LXT tools are still functioning well I’d say keep using them until the batteries wear out and it’s break even to replace with whatever the current tool offering is.

I’ve got the Makita 18v impact and it is super compact and super powerful on heavy mode. Absolutely love the new Makita. I can’t see any reason to get the drill driver though as I have the CXS and it’s perfect for so many applications. If I need something more powerful I have the T18 and even a Dewalt DCD996 for the hammer function. I guess it’s up to you but having the right angle attachment in my CXS makes cabinet work so easy.