Makita Circ saw clamp bolt

My first post… I have a pretty old Makita circ saw - model 5600BR. I forgot that it had a R H threaded clamp bolt and assumed that it was a LH thread. THen proceeded to round off the bolt head with an impact wrench. I had to grind off the head to extract it and now I cannot locate a replacement clamp bolt. The only ones available seem to the LH threaded . Any ideas where I can get such a RH clamp bolt?


I’d imagine it’s just an ordinary flange-headed bolt. If you can identify the thread size you should be able to get one from any industrial nut-and-bolt supplier like Ace Bolt and Screw, Fastenal, or whatever your local equivalent is. Or online:
If it’s inch size

If it’s metric

Yes MechaMan, thanks for the answer. I’ve been trying to get a flange headed M6 x 20mm here in the UK for a couple of days - to no avail. I’ve got ordinary hex M6 bolts but wanted the flanged type, preferably with a socket head like the modern saws use. It appears that the only clamp bolts available here are the LH thread ones. Anyway, I’ll keep looking.

I don’t think you’ll have much luck searching for a “clamp bolt” specifically. I’d check with an industrial type of hardware supplier for exactly what you just wrote, “M6x20 flange headed bolt”. I’m not familiar with what companies do that job in the UK but I figure you must have an equivalent of the US companies like Fastenal or McMaster-Carr. They are not a normal “hardware store” or home improvement center, they mainly deal directly with contractors and businesses and thus have all the oddball hardware the local shops don’t.
I just did a quick search on Google for “UK flanged bolts” and I found at least two suppliers in the UK who have them, and