Makita CXT Lineup Expansion

Some may have read my post about using the Makita CXT lineup recently; Consider this a follow up post.

I recently added to my CXT collection, selling off some LXT counterparts to find the purchases

I picked up the Pin Nailer (XTP03), Multi tool (MT01), Jigsaw (VJ05), Lantern (ML104) and Handheld Vacuum (LC06ZW).

Why “12v expansion” …… some might say downgrade? it started with the jigsaw. I was coping crown in 7 rooms with the LXT XVJ03 (D-handle [worst possible style jigsaw for coping)] with a Collins coping foot and aside from being the wrong tool for the job, the weight was killer. It wasn’t the first time I had done this but i had not done 7 rooms in a day before and my hand and forearm was sore for days after.

I had a chance a few weeks later to install some additional crown- this time in 3 rooms- and picked up the CXT VJ05 to give it a shot. While the design of the VJ05 (barrel grip) isn’t perfect for this task; it’s a vast improvement over the XVJ03.

And since I was installing crown on a few outside corners; I grabbed the XTP03 to replace the LXT XTP01. The LXT trigger was a terrible design and it fired by pulling a safety switch and then squeezing the trigger. The XTP03 is more traditional, depress the tip and squeeze the trigger. Also the toolless depth adjustment is a welcome feature. Finally, the benefits of decreased weight between the tools is a no brainer.

I made a similar weight and size based decision by opting for the CXT MT01 multi tool. The LXT XMT03 is needlessly large in size. The girth of the handle is ridiculously large and the overall tool length is obscene.

Finally, I grabbed the vacuum and lantern, just because I love tools! I was unaware the CXt ML104 Lantern has a secret feature- well just one I was unaware of- a built in USB charger.

One unexpected perk…my daughter and pooch dislike loud sounds so the quieter LC06ZW goes over well for cleaning up quick messes around the house.

Next up I plan to review a few Bosch tools. I picked up the 12v Planer to plane down a door after I left my Makita 18v at home. Of course Lowe’s had a sale which offered a free battery and charger which made entry into the lineup more affordable…… so I grabbed the 12v router and free battery for that tool as well the Bosch 12v router (yeah I have the Makita 18v trim router; but for the price I wanted to see what it was about and having the tool and second battery versus just picking up another battery was a cost analysis decision). Anyway more to come on those tools and a percolating idea about a “travel” tool box built on the 12v lineup.

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