Makita makpac thoughts

I know the Makpacs are basically licensed original Tanos systainers, and the old latches were horrible. But given their incredibly cheap prices compared the the T-Locs and the Sortimo/Bosch L-boxxes, are they a viable alternative for modular tool storage? I have about a dozen Dewalt Touch System containers and was originally planning on adding L-Boxxes to my collection, but it seems the L-boxes have gone up recently, they’re not much cheaper than Systainers. I’ve read all the tool box posts on here but haven’t seen much on the Makpacs aside from the initial reviews. Thoughts?

I have two that came w/ my Makita track saw. Other than the fact that they stack together, I’m not overly impressed. Kind of a pain to get into compared to a standard toolbox or even blow molded case.

I don’t have any l-boxxes to compare, but I’d stick with the Tstak or buy systainers from /