Makita Sub-Compact 3 Tool Combo $249 At H.D

Gents, I was at Home Depot yesterday and noticed the same Makita three tool sub-compact kit they had last week at $299 at the lower price of $249. It includes the drill/driver, impact, and SDS rotary hammer, two batteries, carrying bag and maybe something else. I thought the deal last week was better since it was buy kit-get one extra battery for ‘free’. Yeah, 50 dollars more than this price ‘free’ but still, 50 dollars is a lot less than full price. If memory serves, aren’t the LXT(I think that’s right) 18v batteries around 80 apiece? If so, you were still saving 20-30 dollars last week overall. But if you are already invested in Makita batteries then 250 for three tools and two extra batteries is pretty good I think. Dividing the price by 5 makes each piece $50. Not too bad. Just thought I would pass it along.

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On a similar note, I just bought the two-tool sub-compact kit (CX200RB) on ebay for $151.99 shipped. Looks like there’s still some available: