Makita XRJ05Z reciprocating saw fails to start

What part in a xrj05z reciprocating saw needs adjusting or replacement when pulling the trigger only results in the light operating? I’ve replaced the trigger switch and there was no change. If I manually reposition the drive piston that the blade attaches to, the tool often operates normally for several trigger switch pulls and then goes back to non-operation.

I don’t have any experience with that specific model. However, when you wrote that the saw temporarily works after you move it manually that gave me two possible thoughts:

  1. perhaps there is some kind of failure in the reciprocation mechanism which the tool is detecting this, causing it to shut down.
  2. the motor could be bad

If you have the housing opened up you can probably try and spin the motor shaft by hand and feel if the reciprocating gearbox is working smoothly. Also listen to the saw: when you can get it to work briefly does it sound like it’s straining? If everything moves freely and it doesn’t sound like it’s straining then it’s likely the motor. If something feels like it’s stuck or jammed, well, you just found the problem.

Similar to the other answer id guess its a dead spot in the rotation of the motor. Or possibly a loose connection elsewhere. If its a brushed tool examine and possibly change the brushes, also follow each wire and see that theres none loose. Im not sure how to go about checking for broken wires without significant disassembly.