Makita XSH03 brushless circular saw

Has anyone owned or used this saw? All I use is Makita cordless, and I was looking at upgrading to this saw. I’ve a read a lot of reviews, just looking for personal experiences. I really want it, and it’d be a nice upgrade, I’m just hesitating because of cost. What do you think about it?

Hey Dylanb, seriously go for the saw. I have the older brushed 6.5" and they are good, I then bought the xsh01 7.25" and it was great compared to the older brushed models and then I got the xsh03… it is so much better than any of them. The Power, speed and runtime is crazy. I would chose it any day over my xsh01 36v saw. Excellent tool!

If you are on instagram, @toolaholic does a lot of videos and posts about the Makita cordless tools. He did some head to head comparisons of the new brushless circ vs the brushed and it is night and day. The new Makita brushless stuff is supposed to be top notch, particularly the circular saw and the Hulk impact driver.
@toolpig is also another Makita evangelist that is a source of info on IG.

I’ve been saving and was all set to buy the m18 fuel circular saw, and now that I’ve been following those guys for a while I’m wondering if I should sell my red stuff for teal :thinking::worried:

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We have all milwaukee in our shop at work, but the first shop I worked in had all Makita. If I were picking between the two, I would probably go Makita. They also have some good cordless miter saw now as well as great corded ones.

Milwaukee is probably superior in plenty of areas as well however, so I don’t think you can really go wrong.

The Samurai Carpenter is also a good teal fanatic and fantastic craftsman on youtube.

I bought this very saw last year and I’ve been immensely impressed with the performance. It does have a plastic base to keep the weight down so perhaps on a busy job site this may be a negative but otherwise it’s great.

Better than my Ryobi cordless and Bland and Decker corded.