MakitaFreight Systainer

Yes, thats not a typo. Dr. Frakenstein has nothing on me! Okay, so this isn’t the greatest invention since sliced bread, but I recently been given some unused Harbor Freight parts organizer bins and transformed the small Makita “Interlocking Case” (systainer) into a small on-the-go parts kit. There are a variety of similar options available from OEM’s: Milwaukee’s pack out system, Dewalts Tstak, Bosch L-Boxx, Festool Small Box Organizer, and Tanos immediately come to mind. I happen to have had the empty interlocking case laying around and since I paid nothing for the part bins, this was a nice solution to make a parts carry case using the materials on hand.

I am ecstatic about this solution as while the OEM designed and manufactured solutions are probably a more cohesive solution, for me getting 27 bins with the size variety that I need/desire is not an off the shelf solution and would’ve required kitting a number of versions together.

One additional feature I added, and I wish it was easier to find here in the US, was to take the lid foam off a Makita Large Interlocking Case (came in a combination kit with the Makita track saw XPS01, the Large case for the dual charger had the lid insert). The addition of the lid foam eliminated 90% of the small parts being jostled around and parts ending up in other bins.

I also use small ‘pill baggies’ sold at CVS where I might want to carry a few varieties of a particular item in the same storage bin.

Here’s a look at the final result.

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That looks like a great setup, especially given its price (or lack thereof). I have multiple off-the-shelf organizers for Ridgid, Packout, ToughSystem, and VersaStak (Tstak), as well as numerous others (especially Keter), but I usually find myself mixing and matching bins between boxes.