Max current output for Makita cordless tool (replacing bad battery cells from 3Ah pack)

I have plan to restore Makita 3Ah battery cell pack. To replace bad cells with new one. I already have an info about 18650 - 3.7V - 1500mah. But, I was not able to found info about min. current rate?

Thanks in advance for help.
Note: sorry for wrong intepreteation of message subject, like “max current” which should be “min current.”

If I were to replace all the sells, I’d go with INR18650-15M , based on the specs here:

I know that 2.0Ah and 2.5Ah cells from other brands’ packs have >20A current ratings.

I’m not sure how that would work, or how it would out for you if you were to only replace the bad cell or cells. Good luck!

I have open battery housing BL1830 and found US18650VT. This will be purchased US18650VTC4 2100mAh - 30A >> I hope they will be compatible…