Menards Maybe Getting Ready For Bosch Brushless Kits?

Gents, I was at our local Menards today and noted the combination kits they used to sell with the PS21/41 were off the shelves and the display model was gone. Now I have absolutely no idea if they were simply out of stock or making room for something else. They still had the PS21 and 41 available separately. I think they had the kit with the PS41 and the drill from the same series.

I cannot remember if they actually carried the kit that had both the 21/41 in it. Irregardless, the 12v combo kits were gone and it makes me wonder if they are making room for the new PS42 kits? Just wondering and to be honest, hoping. I like the compact Bosch drivers. I don’t care if they are the most powerful or whatever. Their compact size and the way their grip fits my hand makes them a good, no make that great, choice for me.