Metabo HPT 36V fit and finish

Hi all, I recently picked up the Metabo HPT (hitachi) 18V Drill + Impact Driver combo at Lowe’s.

As expected based on reviews, the ergonomics and balance are great, but I find myself disappointed with the fit and finish of the triggers and the direction switches. There’s just a lot more free play than on my old Milwaukee brushed 18V drill. This is fine in an “affordable” tool (and at current promo pricing, these certainly are affordable), but it’s making me reluctant to invest further in this line without knowing more.

One of the things I’m considering is picking up the 36V drill set, which comes with two 8.0Ah/4.0Ah batteries, for $200, also at Lowe’s.

I’m wondering is anyone has firsthand experience with the trigger and direction controls on both the 18V and 36V brushless drills, and whether the 36V one is of a higher caliber in that aspect.

I’m also considering the 36V circular saw, if anyone has experience with that. The trigger matters less to me there, but I’m still curious.

Stopped off at Lowe’s today to check out the feel of the triggers on the other drills. The 36V drill trigger is the same as the 18V brushless one, lots of the parts are the same.

They also had the 18V subcompact, DS18DDX, and the trigger is a lot more snug in the housing than in the larger models. Not gonna lie, until I laid hands on it the smaller one had no particular appeal, but now I’m considering the sale priced kit at $80 since it comes with two 1.5Ah batteries. Seems like a good way to get a few more (small) batteries, and the subcompact will be nice to have for around for little things like deburring.