Metabo HPT (Hitachi) cordless table saw

Saw this announced on Instagram, and available now for purchase at Acme. (
But I’ve seen nothing in the usual tool review sites or YouTube. I think Metabo HPT needs some marketing lessons from Milwaukee haha.

Based on published specs alone, here are some thoughts:


  • full 10” blade at 5000rpm
  • standard 8” dado capacity
  • super wide right (35”) and left (22”) rip capacity
  • outfeed support
  • corded or cordless


  • expensive ($699 bare tool plus promotion for free battery or power adapter)
  • Only 144 watt-hour battery (8ah at 36 volts) compared to 216 watt hours for largest Milwaukee and Dewalt batteries
  • clunky power adapter (optional)

Based on the battery size and the 10” blade, I can’t imagine much runtime. The M18 model uses an 8-1/4” blade and has a stated capacity of ripping 200 linear feet of 2x spf. I gotta think the Metabo HPT will be lucky to get half of that. It might take 2-3 batteries to keep running all day, with charge time of one hour.

We need reviews! Stuart or Ben please buy one :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks really nice. Pricey, but nice. Guessing you could run an 8.25" blade if you wanted to to conserve battery life, but nice to have the option for a full 10 and dadoes, particularly with the AC adapter option. AC adapter makes WAY more sense with this tool than any others I’ve seen. If this came down $100 in actual sale price, it’d do very well against the Milwaukee and Dewalt options.

Their corded 10 incher I would easily put up against the dewalt offerings of the same. So I would think it would be a decent tool.

I’m not really a fan of a cordless table saw - not sure I’d really need one or use it in that manner. But if I was to get a new table saw and it had the option of cordless or corded - I wouldn’t be offended.

(dewalt needs a 10 incher running off 2 Flexvolt or the AC adapter but regardless)

Otherwise I suspect it’s a decent tool and I bet even on battery it would run well enough for moderate products.