Metabo htp 10inch saw or Bosch 4100-10

I have the option to get either of these tools. Taking price out the equation. i’m not paying. Just a home owner getting started. Which would you get and why?

I think I’d get the Bosch. I don’t know a lot about the Metabo HPT - but I believe that the Bosch has a longer track record. I’ve had the Bosch since 2009 and it is my “travelling saw” - not my primary shop saw. For that purpose I find it to be good - but not perfect. Like all jobsite saws it suffers from a small table size and under-powered universal motor compared to a cabinet saw. Comparing it to my old Unisaw - it is much more portable - but much less capable - neither a surprise. I find setting its fence sometimes a bit finicky - compared to the Dewalt saws that we had in our remodeling business. Otherwise - it is a smooth operator - with some nice features. The fence has a slot that will accept hex head bolts - useful for adding on auxiliary fences and stop blocks.

I have a gravity rise stand (TS2000) for my Bosch. which is bulky for transporting - but otherwise very good. I bought my 4100 with a digital fence - but do not think its worth the extra money.
I also added left side and outfeed supports (Bosch TS1003 and TS1002 respectively) which are useful. The blades that typically come with jobsite saws are not very good - the Bosch blade is no exception. So you probably will find that buying a better (good Freud or Forrest combination blade) will give you better results - but will add to your costs.
The Bosch miter gauge - is OK - but rather low end like most others that are thrown in with the saw. Its acceptable - but you may find that an upgrade down the road to something like an Incra would be useful for precision work.
The Bosch saw comes with a normal throat plate (2 610 996 917) but Bosch also sells blank throat plates (TS1005) for customizing as zero-clearance inserts (a very useful accessory in many cutting situations). Leecraft also makes more robust zero-clearance inserts for the Bosch saw.
The Bosch saw also comes with a plastic birds-mouth push stick (2 610 950 112) which is acceptable - but you may wish to look into the added safety and capabilities you get with others like the MicroJig Grripper.

The saw’s arbor is long enough to accommodate a dado stack - and while you could add something like a Freud 8 inch diameter (blade size) stack - I use an Infinity (SDB-600) 6 inch stack which puts less stress on the saw’s motor.

I have the dewalt table saw and I love it so I have to plug that to you. HOwever, why I bought the dewalt was the nifty gear rack fence system which is so easy to square and to use repeatedly.

The Metabo copies that fence system - so direct to your question I have to recommend that. However I do agree with some of Fred’s other points which is why I would have to look for the Dewalt saw on sale, but I recommeded the Metabo to someone else at work and they love it so far. I doubt you could really go wrong with either of them.