Metric spline drive ratcheting wrenches

I’m looking into a set of metric ratcheting wrenches and there are a number of items that come up as quality pieces. EZ-Red for example vs Tektron vs Gearwrench . . . . . .

And in a few of them I see options to get either standard 6point hex - which was my intial plan. OR to get the spline drive end. SOme of them - like the EZ red set I like the idea of have 2 ratcheting ends and only using 6 wrenches to cover my sizes - since I already have a set of quality metric combo wrenches.

So my question to the brain trust - if you have used a spline drive wrench - does it work well under torque? Did you find you rounded off anything.

I can’t make up my mind - I’ve read and seen reviews from other places and some people swear the spline drive grips just as good as a 6point would and offers flexability. SO I like that.

I’m open to suggestions.

I have 12pt and spline ratcheting wrenches.

Spine box ends are supposedly a little better for use with slightly rounded or damaged fasteners. I haven’t experimented enough to verify this. I have not experienced any rounding, but I also use the open end for final tightening or initial loosening, if possible.

If the choice is between 6pt or spline ratcheting wrenches, I would go with the spline, based on my level of comfort with 12pt combination wrenches. 12pt vs. spline would be harder to choose between.

If you can’t make up your mind, perhaps buy a spline and 6pt in your most-used size. They don’t necessarily have to be from the brand you intended to buy.

6pt will give you the most strength. If you don’t plan on using the wrenches on anything buy 6pt fasteners, spline ratchets might cost more for little benefit. I bought spline ratcheting wrenches because I liked the overall wrench style (Proto).

I think because I have a standard combo set in metic that is 6pt, I’ve swayed myself to get some spline drives.