Milwaukee 26" Jobsite Alternative

Hi all, how’s it going?

I’m looking for something similiar to the Milwauke Jobsite 26", which is (and has been) sold out for a while. I’m looking for something approximately that size, with approximately that kind of lightweight but strong resin, and with similar minimal but useful features. I have the Jobsite 13" which I love, and I think the 26th would be perfect for me as a "main’ toolbox. I know I can just use a plastic tote from Akro-Mils but I like the lid on the Jobsite. Any thoughts on where/what to purchase (or Milwauke insiders: will this product come back?)

There are three in stock here:

I have four of each (26" and 13") box and love them, though I’ve largely switched to modular boxes (Ridgid, ToughSystem, Packout, and VersaStak).

Thank you Fm!

I’ve considered switching to the other modular systems, but they seem a bit overbuilt for my needs. I am very much a home amateur DIYer type, and I don’t have a million tools. The jobsite box feels like the right combination of weight, organization and space. A honda civic vs a huge pickup truck, if you get my drift. Before I buy, do one of those modular boxes fit that kind of criteria? I’m open to spending money if its done in a useful and beneficial way for me.

Thanks again for finding those!

I like the features of the Jobsite box, especially the pockets in the corners, and none of the modular systems offer a box that has the same dimensions. Ridgid, DeWalt, and Milwaukee all have a medium box (the center box when you buy a 3-piece combo) that are closest in size, but they lack the end handles and are a bit more awkward to carry, especially when loaded.

The Ridgid 22" Pro tool box normally costs $40 and the 3-piece combo used to always go for $99 during the holidays (not sure if they still do). I’ve had Ridgid modular boxes since 2014 or so and they’ve held up well.

If you only need one tool box without a foreseeable need for additional ones, the Jobsite box is a great buy. If you think you may want to expand, I’d go with the Ridgid for the best combination of price, durability, and accessories. Besides the three primary boxes (rolling cart, tool box, and organizer), you can get an open tote (milk crate-style) and parts organizers. I like the option of mixing and matching boxes to the job, complete with hardware needed to complete that job.

I’d still consider the Rigid toughsystem. When on sale, you can get the basic three box stack for 98 bucks. I also got the clear top box for most used fasteners AND the “milk crate” for the tools I use most. It has a very small footprint and rolls. I used to have to go under my workbench and rummage through boxes to find things. I work mostly in the driveway and now I just roll everything out and am ready to go. And for 98 bucks, hard to beat.