Milwaukee FASTBACK wire clips fitting Spyderco knives?

At least 8 Milwaukee FASTBACK knives/utility knives come with a stainless wire clip (#1901, #1902, #1903, #1940, #1985, #1990, #1995, and #1996), in the knife community we call it a wire pocket clip, they call it a wire belt clip, same same. A whole range of popular Spyderco knives come with a wire clip too, e.g. the deep carry ones on the Techno, SpydieChef, and Slysz Bowie (all Made In Taiwan) or the ones on the Chaparral and the Para 3 Lightweight.

Questions are:

  1. In general, are the Milwaukee wire clips any good or even better than the Taiwan Spyderco ones?
  2. In particular, does the Milwaukee wire clip fit on the Spyderco knife?

The good news is that original Spyderco replacement clips could be had for maybe ~7 bucks (mas 5 for int shipping), which is “affordable” compared to US titanium clips. But who would want to rebuy a part with which he wasn’t happy to begin with. I’d want to look for alternatives. DIY or Milwaukee come to my mind as potential alternatives, anyone with experience?

The Milwaukee replacement parts price list is inexpensive, wow:

  1. The straight deep carry wire clip of #1903 has spare part number 14-46-0114 (1.62$). Looks like a good candidate for the purpose.
  2. The straight deep carry wire clip of #1995 (? same as #1996 #1940) seems to have number 14-46-1903 and apparently was/is also used on #1985 #1990 (3.99$). Looks like a good candidate for the purpose too.
  3. The wide non-deep carry wire clip of #1901 #1902 has number 14-46-1901 (3.50$). It was/is also used on #1985 #1990.

Amazon customer reviews of the Milwaukee wire clip are a mixed bag, most ppl are surprised and love it, others have bent it, even broke it, meaning you’re not getting superior material quality for the money. In the end a commercial wire pocket clip is just a wire (of some suitable affordable metal quality) which was bent professionally into shape. Chitanium wire would cost 11.5$/m shipped from AliX (1.5mm*1000mm Titanium Wire UNS Gr1 TA2) but i wouldn’t follow such a diy path; you’d need a vise, two Leathermans and whatnot.

So let’s find out if either 14-46-0114 or 14-46-1903 or both could be used as direct replacement clip, thanks for your contributions!