Milwaukee M12 heated gear upgrade suggestions

I love the M12 heated gear. I have 2 jackets, a hoodie, a vest, and my wife has a jacket. I like the cut and materials, the heat is good, but often I think that there are things that could be better. I have quite a few of these batteries, I never use the square bottom M12s because the normal battery pack, can be obtrusive when in vehicles especially.

My suggestions would be:

  • Integrate or offer battery pack in M4 series would end up with a less bulbous kidney area.

  • wire to gloves/ glove switch next to other switches. I like the Idea of heated gloves, but $180 would buy me the one glove, the other one was wherever I left it. I wouldn’t buy another pair. All of the competitors seem to be $30-80. I believe if they wanted to Milwaukee could own this space quickly if innovation is a priority.

What else?