Milwaukee m18 fuel 12" Milter saw

Was at the acme tool show over the weekend and talked to two different Milwaukee reps and both solidly confirmed the m18 fuel 12" Milter saw is indeed real and will be released later this year. They also discussed that it will absolutely kill the dewalt offering.

Also discussed with them the new nailers and theirs are smaller and quicker than than the dewalt options along with much better construction, hopefully this is true since I’ve been waiting a long time for them!

From what I’ve seen makitas newest cordless miter saw is better than the dewalt, so I’ll be curious to see if it’s better than the makita. It’s only 8 1/2 inches I think tho

Wait, what? A 12" saw, not a 10"? Holy crap, I was not expecting that leap.


I would think that a 10" cordless miter saw would be more likely than a 12".

Lower cost, smaller size, lower power requirements.

Nope, 10 inch. Check @toolaholic 's Instagram page