Milwaukee Service

Anyone besides me driven to distraction by Milwaukee ‘customer service?’

I purchased a Milwaukee 1/4" drive socket set. Right out of the box, the socket wrench itself was defective. The ball detent is frozen so you can’t install a socket on the wrench.

After multiple attempts, finally reached someone at Milwaukee - they were nice enough to send me a Fed-X label and I sent the wrench in - a MONTH ago. Today, finally, a box from Milwaukee! Yay!

Except the box contains my old, broken wrench and a note that says they don’t service accessories. Seriously? I sent it where they told me to - where the label they sent me directed it. It was perfectly clear I was sending a wrench. So instead of forwarding it internally to someone at Milwaukee who could help, they Fed-X it back to me a month later with a note saying, “Call 1-800-SAWDUST.” That is NOT service. I have a shop full of Milwaukee tools, but I am seriously disappointed with their service.

I did call again today and they promise they’re shipping me a replacement direct, no need to return the non-functional tool. We’ll see. I just hope it gets here before Spring.

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