Milwaukee super hawg core holes

Hi I have seen some sparks coring 4" holes with a hole hawg does anyone know it the super hawg can core 6" holes in brick I tried the hole hawg but didn’t really like to do 6" thanks for any help

In short, I don’t know. The Super Hole Hawg - corded and even cordless drills are beasts - but IMO really designed for use with selfeed bits for wood.
They might do in a pinch for a few 6 inch holes - with a diamond core drill and water lubricant/flushing - but something like the Weka DK13 or DK16 would do much better for regular use. Of course we found that when pushed too hard even the Weka would overload and its electronics would trip it out. If you need real power something like a Unitec hydraulic drill might be the answer

I just found a couple of links: