Milwaukee track and baseplate in US?

I saw this video on youtube mentioning that Milwaukee was coming out with a new baseplate for the M18 circular saw so that it would ride on their existing track (similar to the Bora track idea, or Kreg, etc).

What I haven’t seen is any availability information. Has anyone seen a flyer/ad/press release discussing this? Is it coming to US markets?

Here is the video from Belts and Boxes showing video from Milwaukee EU:

Jon B

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so you could take your Milwaukee circular saw (does it matter which one?) remove the baseplate. Install a new baseplate and ride it on some form of a track system.

Beautiful idea.

Dewalt should copy this, and makita, and metabo, and . . . . .

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Makita has this capability built in on at least one of their circular saws (9 1/4” XSH10) and I believe I saw somewhere that they offer a track compatible baseplate attachment as well for some of their other saws.

Plus of course their LXT 18v x2 track saw.


To add, after replying to your post, I spent some more time seeing what other models Makita had with the track base. I found the XSH08 also does and (drum roll……) we all know what came next. Haha

I did decide though, as this purchase was excessive to sell off the Makita Track saw (XPS01PT) and my rear handle x2 Circular saw (XSR01). In the end I pocketed some cash for a future tool purchase (hint: Makita……. I want an CXT compact die grinder or rotary tool!)

While the announcement that Milwaukee is finally releasing their track saw in 2023 is not new news, for those interested in purchasing one, there’s a pretty significant deal available through the belts and boxes YouTube channel. I suggest watching their latest video until the end to see how you may save close to 20%