Milwuakee Tool Chests

I recently dropped by my local HD to hopefully check out the new Milwuakee 60" Mobile Work Center, because I have their 46" chest combo and have been super happy with it. They had the work center, but it was in a box so I wasn’t able to poke around it, but I didn’t leave empty handed. They had a demo unit of their new 30" tool chest combo. This got the briefest of mentions in Toolguyd’s initial work center post but nothing since then. It’s probably lighter duty than most of us are interested in, but since there’s been so little info about it I figured I should at least post a photo.

It basically looks like a shrunken version of the 46" combo. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from a value proposition IMHO, at $500 you may as well step up to the 46"

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When I dropped back by this weekend, they had a 60" set up on display. It has some nice details. Like that the pegboard is mounted on drawer slides and can be fully retracted or set to different heights.

Also, my wife got a pretty good shot of me and my son using my 46" box when it was new, thought you guys might appreciate it:



The 30" is still on my posting schedule, I just haven’t had the time to finish it up. It does look like a shrunken version of their larger one, but I believe Milwaukee said this one is a little taller - I’ll have to check again.

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That 46" box is the best I’ve seen in that price range. I wonder if my DeWalt chargers will mount properly on the side.

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