Miter Saw Stands

I need a miter saw stand. I’ve been using my miter saw clamped to a workstation but am starting a project where I need to cut miters into rather lengthy trim pieces so the setup provided by a real stand is necessary. I don’t really need a bunch of bell and whistles but I would like it sturdy and as light as possible as it will be transported back and forth to the sight. I don’t want to cheap out, but it likely see limited use after this project. I don’t feel I need wheels but I do want it to be solid as I had an old Kobalt that I got rid of because it was wobbly. Other than that, the ability to expand the work space to accomidate 8 foot lengths of trim and crown molding is essential.
I have two miter saws, an older 10" Craftsman compound that has served me well over the years and a new 10"Hitachi compound dual bevel I picked up a few weeks ago when Lowes began the changeover to Metabo.
I know Milwaukee introduced a new one recently and in the past, one of the Craftsman stands was mentioned although I can’t find that reference. The Dewalt always seems to get good reviews but its $200 or so. I do see a couple of Craftsman that get good reviews, one for $90 and the other $120. I hate that I can’t go into the Sears store any longer to get my hands on one.
Any and all suggestions and comments (regarding miter saw stands, please…lol) are welcome and appreciated.

If your not going to get that much (miter saw) use out of it, you might consider a collapsible work table like the one from Keter. Mine is a perfect height for my miter saw and is very portable. When not holding up my saw it sees lots of other use as a portable work bench. I picked up mine for about $65 w/free shipping. Just a thought.

I picked up the Ridgid rolling stand last year for about $90. Haven’t paid attention to whether they’ve put them back on sale this year. It’s heavier than a standard folding stand but the wheels make up for that. It’s been plenty sturdy and handy so far.

I have been using a Skill stand for a few years. It doesn’t have wheels but I loosen two knobs and the saw lifts off. Then the stand folded.

Hi Michael, I’ve never looked at the Skill. I’m using a DeWalt sawhorse with an inexpensive miter saw bracket that snaps on to it. The combination is very stable and strong. I have a 10" saw, and it’s a little heavy and awkward to mount. I imagine the 12" saws would be murder on old buys like me. I know HF is not well tolerated here, but the HF miter saw stand is very much liked by users, so it may be worth checking out by anyone needing a fully featured stand.

For the past 5 years I’ve used the Craftsman stand with my Craftsman sliding 10” miter saw. I was ok but not perfectly level on my garage floor. I just sold the saw to buy the Dewalt cordless miter saw. I kept the stand but probably won’t use it unless I need it off site somewhere. I was going to buy the Bora miter saw station but my new saw is so compact that I just use it on my workbench. The Bora saw stand allows the saw to flip upside down for storage, turning the top into a worktop. The price just dropped to $221. Little pricey but very practical.

I think you can do it for free. You just adapt a table for the long pieces. I did it.

I so appreciate everyone’s input. You guys are always so helpful to those of us with less experience.
As it happened, I was at the Sears Outlet warehouse near me to pick up other items plus they had the Protocol Stand for $119. I was not familiar with the brand so I wanted to take a look. As I roamed around their always full warehouse area, I saw the Craftsman Miter saw stand (Model # 16490) with the wheels that originally sold for around $200 according to the sales ticket. It was marked down to $129 and they were running a 50% discount on all tools and tool accessories. So I picked it up for $65 along with two extra rollers for $5 each. The stand seems much heavier than the Protocol, at least comparing both in the box, and heavier than the same Craftsman model sans wheels. But it does fold up neatly even with the miter saw on it.
At any rate, thanks to everyone to responded.

nice grab. I guess I should peruse the local sears store near me. I haven’t in over a decade I don’t think.

Our local Sears store closed quite some time ago. I’m not certain what sort of tools are being carried at the retails stores still open. I’m referring to a Sears outlet warehouse. They get returns, obsolete items, damaged items and generally everything that doesn’t move quickly at the retail outlets. I’m not certain how many of the outlets are out there, but go to:
to locate your nearest outlet warehouse. You can also order many of the items online. The trouble with that is that little of actual inventory at the warehouse are put on the website so you must find your local outlet and wander in on a regular basis much the same as cruising your local pawn dealers. The new Protocol miter saw stands were advertised online but the Craftsman stands were not even though they had 5 in stock. I went through the box to be certain all the parts and accessories were there before purchasing one.
Good luck

that link is bad.
Craftsman is gone? I heard they sold to another outlet. Moment of silence for Sears tool department. Sniff sniff.

As a bump. I got a Rigid that is the older version of this one

I’ve had it for like 15 years. It is awesome simple and robust. It is heavy duty and the extensions work very well and give a nice span and as I noted, it is a robust stand. It also has a small footprint in the garage. This is about the only tool I stick with corded and the best thing about this is the wheels. So often, the wheels on stands for various tools are small and you pay for that when moving the tools. I’ve done quite a few homes with crown molding and it is nice to have it close. These wheels are big and so when you are going over a threshold in a house or a two by four or some driveway impediment, this just goes over it “easily” without losing control of the top heavy tool. It is one of the things that when I have used it, I always note how glad I am as I move it

You can’t beat the larger wheels on a saw stand. I run a Bosch 12” with the gravity assist stand and it’s a game changer. I can roll it up the ramp of my tool trailer and if I’m not hauling trailer I can load in the truck bed by myself. Small wheels on tools are terrible. I’ve got the DEWALT contractor saw and the stand and setup is nice for a $600 table saw, but the wheels suck. Cannot beat this saw! Unless you get the new Bosch with the articulating arm that eliminates the slide and saves space in tight quartersimage|375x500 I watch guys who have to set up their stand, go back in the trailer, pick up the saw and attach the thing, level it all out, then have to do the thing in reverse at the end of the day. I pull a lever, collapse the thing and wheel it up the ramp or move it around the job site with ease. Sounds like the Rigid table works well, too. Nothing makes your life easier than having the right tool for the job.