Moderation or Spam Moderation for Comments

My comments apparently keep going to moderation or such, even without links. It’s disappointing that I take the time to type a (hopefully) insightful or helpful comment and it disappears. Are there certain trigger words in the blacklist that I need to skip?

I’m sorry about that. Was it this comment? Comment Rules and a Recent Commentor Banning I manually approve that one as soon as I saw it.

Looking into it, I believe it’s because you mis-typed your email address. The spam filter knows you as That comment was entered with the email, and so it saw you as a new commentor that requires first-time manual approval.

If it’s happening more than that, I can look into it further.

yep, that was it. Thanks for replying, that makes sense. weird that my auto-fill would do that but firefox is dumb sometimes :slight_smile: Thank you!