More Hand Tool Brands at Lowes

If you’ve been on the Lowe’s website recently, you will see they are selling Knipex, Greenlee, Tekton, Sunex, Capri, among other tool brands that I have never seen on their website before, or at the stores. Does anyone know if Lowe’s is looking to bring some of these brands in store, or is this more of an attempt to increase their online presence and compete with the likes of Amazon?

The Lowes stores in my neck of the woods used to carry some Knipex and Greenlee tools - and had them displayed in their electrical tools section. I have not seen them in a while. Probably they did not sell well enough to command shelf/rack space. So maybe they now have them online to offer something different compared to HD. Like you, I don’t ever recall seeing Tekton, Sunex or Capri tools at a local Lowes.

BTW - my online shopping experiences with HD have been much better than the few I’ve attempted at Lowes. The HD pickup process has been much simpler and much faster at my local store

I did see some Greenlee tools in an end cap a few weeks ago. Haven’t seen others though.

I noticed Home Depot showing Tekton, and Sunex and some others but as “online only” sales. I suspect Lowes is doing something similar.

It makes sense. I know their new CEO said in a press release that they were looking to make a big push into online sales. Haven’t had much experience shopping online for their tools. I usually only buy tools from the big boxes if i’m in a pinch in the middle of a job and need something, but i thought it was interesting to see some better tools on their website. The prices look fairly competitive with amazon.

I don’t know, I guess it’s probably just to stir up foot traffic.

Good hand tools are not big sellers, and most stores can’t afford the shelf space for tools that many buy once in a lifetime. Amazon has a big leg up on high quality hand tools, their shelf space is unlimited and their sales are reliable.