MSC industrial, good pricing for materials?

Im looking at fiberglass pipe insulation for a project insulating a steam system. I havent checked local suppliers yet and may be able to use an account but dont have one myself at any. Best inclusive pricing(after S&H and tax) from a quick search is at MSC. Ive heard of them around but never myself or at previous jobs ordered from them before myself or at previous jobs.
Do they tend to have good/competitive pricing on materials. My impression is theyre mostly an industrial supplier.
Thought someone here may have a suggestion or insight, thanks.

I use them for work. Actually they tend to be more expensive.
McMaster-Carr seems to be the best and one I use most. Grainger sometimes.
Zoro has good pricing too, although I don’t have an account with them.

Google your specifics. I’ve had Amazon be the best price when I’m looking for something you would think a supply house or industrial store would be better.