My Dewalt 20v trimmer died

Right in the middle of using it. I’ve used it lightly for about 13 months. It jammed up and would just “click” while other times it would turn “gravely” I took it apart thinking something broke or was getting jammed in the reduction gear. Nope… gears were fine. It was the motor. Black gritty magnet bits stuck to the outer magnets. I’d guess they are inside also causing the intermittent locking or gravely feeling.

Now, what too do. Test the dewalt 3 year limited warranty or just buy a new bare tool for $99… (or both)

Too bad.

I’d try to warranty first - although you may find that your opening it up voided the warranty.

If that doesn’t work - then calculate your usage - and see if you think $99 for 13 months is worth it.

I read the Dewalt 3 year limited and they said any “Damage by attempted repairs”. I did no damage so I think I would be ok there.

My bet is Dewalt already knows about this problem.

I’ve had motors where one of the the magnets disintegrate without any abuse, it can be a manufacturing defect in the magnets. It’s usually not just a single occurrence, it happens in a whole batch.

Were there any tamper seals? If you put it back together, they’ll probably not even notice you had taken it apart unless you tell them.

I got it back together with no problem. I did have to slice the warning sticker in half as it bridged the two halves of the trigger head.

whoever buys these things deserves to be shot:/ you are only encouraging manufacturers to waste time and resources in this crap.

  1. any cordless/corded chainsaw, trimmer, lawnmower tool is completely useless because of low power output. you can literally cut the grass faster using a kitchen knife!
  2. reliability of these tools is sooo much lower compared to gas. frankly i`m surprised it survived 13 months but thats because you probably were not even using it regularly because point #1 :))

people think that because electric has less moving parts, no liquids, lubrication etc its somehow more reliable to gas but they don;t understand that electric is very sensible to outside factors, gas is not. if you get some dust into the ac or dc motor and it’s dead. besides, gas has decades of heavy usage => refinements, but electric was never used in tough condition until recently and it proves every day it cant handle it.
gas is dirty but right now it’s the only way to go for some tools

You are right about wanting to match the tool to the job and working conditions.
Engine-driven tools still make a lot of sense for many jobs - but they too require regular maintenance, fueling and lubrication - hence some of the appeals of corded-electric - and now battery powered tools for the homeowner use. Maybe we are just not “there yet” with cordless tools being designed to be reliable enough for dusty-dirt environments - but perhaps the manufacturer’s will get there.
In my own situation - my wife likes some of her cordless garden tools (grass clippers, hedge trimmers, small chain saw) for a few light-duty tasks - but has learned that they do not have great longevity. She’s on her 3rd. set of grass clippers (now a Gardena). Meanwhile - our properties were always too large to consider most other electrically-powered garden tools - so I bought engine-driven tractors, mowers, leaf blowers, string-trimmers, chainsaws, tillers etc. over the years. I have now reached a point in my life, where I’ve come up with what’s for me an even better solution - I hire others to do the work - and let them worry about maintaining the equipment

not just yet? I doubt that we will ever be there! there’s just too much difference between combustion engines and ac/dc in terms of sensitivity! electric engines fail so easily and are almost impossible to fix. but a gasoline engine can never fail completely. the worst it can happen is that you have to replace parts periodically, filters, sparkplugs, change oil etc sure its annoying but it beats having to replace the whole tool like with electric engines.
li-ion is a dead end for any power tool except driver drills. and so are ac/dc engines. research should be put into hydrogen combustion engines as replacement for gasoline or something similar

Here is an update.

I called Dewalt, explained the problem and they wanted me to send it to their repair center or take it to a local authorized repair center. I did the later. The local place was skeptical that it would be a free repair because it was 14 months or so since the purchase date. “We’ll see” they said.

While I was waiting I did a bit of research on the parts involved and found that there is a new version of the motor assembly. This says that they made a few changes probably due to issues. I purchased a second trimmer “Bare tool” style for 99 bucks since I missed the first one and my elderly mother kept asking me when the trimmer would be fixed so she could borrow it. (This is why cordless yard tools exist… no hassle for older people). The new one arrived and I noticed it had the new design. I gave it to her as a gift to go with the 20v blower I had already gifted her (and which she loves). A couple weeks ago my repair center called saying my trimmer was ready to be picked up. No charge and it has the newer motor assembly.

Both are working well. We each have one to keep at our own places so mom does not have to haul mine back and forth.

Hopefully the redesign has fixed any issues they have had with the motor.

It’s like you have never tried the new li-on tools out here and realize how much of a game changer they are.

My Li-on jigsaw works so well in my wood shop that I’ve sold all the corded jigsaws. The new lion circular saw had made the corded saws live in the drawer and seldom get used. The cordless grinder has replaced the corded grinder… on and on. I use these tools hard and love the flexibility that not having a cord brings.

As far as the trimmers. I was skeptical of them but because I have dozens of 20v batteries I gave them a shot. I am more then happy of their performance on my acreage. I can trim on a single battery and premixed oil, starting issues and noise and smell are gone. We’ll see if they can hold out over time. But… why am I wasting time responding to an idiot what wants me shot?

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LOL was waiting for that!!!

Battery and corded yard tools are absolutely great depending on your use case. I was very pleased with the performance, longevity and convenience of corded tools at my previous 1/8 acre property. I used the same corded Toro blower and Homelink hedge trimmers for almost 10yrs. 48V Toro string trimmer is about 5yrs old and going strong.

Since moving to a 1/2 acre property I have switched to EGO 56V tools (530 blower, 16" chainsaw, hedge trimmer) and couldn’t be happier.

If I had a larger property I would use some gas tools, but I’m small enough to enjoy electric. I also do trail maintenance and for that we’re 100% gas. I’m lucky in that someone else owns/maintains the gas stuff so I have it easy. :slight_smile:

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splinterpuller, I am interested in what you did with your trimmer. I am having problems with mine but it would seem to be related to some kind of overheat sensor. Wanted to know if you still had it and would be willing to part it out?


Sorry for not seeing your message until now. My trimmer was repaired by the service center. They put the upgraded motor it in and I gave the fixed trimmer to my mother so both that and the new are in service.

As an avid mechanic and user and abuser of all things construction related and home owner related. I can honestly say that I have had a dewault 20v trimmer for an entire mowing season and the trimmer although it could be made heavier duty. It would be wasted on the average consumer. I have had zero issues with mine. I’ve never had to do anything but put one of my many battery packs in it and it works. Plain and simple. I have a reliable husqvarnia in the shed that I have to do regularly maintenance on and let warm up cause they are cold natured or al that I’ve owned are. I haven’t had to buy on drop of gas for it. And I’ve been charging the packs with my small solar setup I finally built after many arguments with my father over reliability which outside of me burning up an inverted cause I tried running something far too big. Zero issues with that as well. Gas is great for my truck or motorcycle. No arguments about power Density. Oil will always win there. It’s got the most out of anything. But reliability and ease of use and me not relying on fuel. I’ll take the rechargeable. I’m almost exclusively cordless apart from chop saw chainsaw and jigsaw. But those I don’t use much and fuel does make more sense for the chainsaw for now.

Glad to see they warrantied it I was curious when I read the first post. Then realized it was from 2016.

I have a Echo Cordless trimmer from 2016 also got it end of season. Anyway I have found most of the cordless electric tools as strong or stronger than gas. I know impossible right.

You are doomed… my “tools” are DeWalt. My outdoor equipment including blowers and pole saw etc. are Ryobi. Sooner or later they go on clearance usually with a battery (I always check the clearance endcaps at HD) and if they go bad on you Meh… You got a battery out of it. I got their bottom line weedwhacker last year for 39 bucks as a more “precision” cutter in the garden vs my four cycle bruiser that juist
tear up everything. I got it in clearance around November, as I remember, with a small batt and that thing has surprised me. It is the perfect tool for the job I wanted it for. And that Ryobi misting fan thing I got for 79 bucks? It is awesome out camping at 100 degrees…