My EveryDay Carry

Charles post about his EDC experience and journey inspired me to post about my EDC.

I have spent several years curating my everyday carry, often feeling as though my setup was perfect to only encounter another scenario for which I was unprepared for. As someone who leads a minimalist lifestyle, just adding a cable or piece of gear isn’t an option for me. As such, my requirements when considering a product is that it serves the following characteristics: multi purpose, lightweight and where possible be part of an existing lineup or made by a manufacturer I trust. Now let’s get to the gear.

Please note that I have purchased all of these items with my own money and have not been offered compensation for this post.

iPhone 12 Pro Max: at the time of release I believed it to be the best smartphone ever made and only outdone by the iPhone 13. I appreciate the larger format of the Pro Max model and MagSafe is truly one of the best innovations in the past few years. Being able to pair my phone with the Apple wallet and as my needs throughout the day evolve- throw on the MagSafe battery is uber convenient. I do wish the MagSafe battery allowed you to charge other devices by plugging in a USB C cable. For this reason I have considered switching to Anker’s MagSafe battery. We’ll see.

Pairing my phone with the AirPods Pro is a natural extension of the Apple ecosystem for me. While others may argue that the sound quality doesn’t suit your style, the cost is significant and the noise cancellation isn’t the greatest- I disagree in that the combination of features, form factor and native integration with the Apple ecosystem delivers for me.

Complimenting my iPhone and AirPods is the Apple Watch Series 6. It’s a natural extension of my on person tech and overall Apple ecosystem.

My EDC knife of choice is the Leatherman Klamath. A hunting knife, this beast weighs 8.8 oz and is 9.5” long when open. [insert Crocodile Dundee “That’s not a knife, that’s a knife”]. It has a gut hook which can function as a seatbelt cutter and it’s own built in sharpening rod. It is my ‘grail’ for a knife and I love it so much that it breaks all my minimalistic desires and I don’t care. :blush:

Rounding out the tools on my on person carry is the CRKT Pocket Driver Stash Tool, Leatherman Bit Kit, LM Ratcheting Bit Driver and LM Piranha. I fitted the bit kit with both a Nightize Hip Clip and a strip of magnet tape. This has allowed me to create a compact package and carrying solution for the Piranha.

In the CRKT Pocket Driver Stash Tool, I keep a stubby drill bit, a double ended eyeglass screwdriver, a long Leatherman double sided bit and Firefly Fire Starter.

The other item in my pocket is the Top Peak Mobile Tripod. I recently wrote about the modifications I made to the tripod in an Amazon review… excerpted below.

“As for why I purchased the tripod; I often use the Moment MagSafe tripod mount during outings with my daughter. Paired with a selfie stick with tripod and my watch; I’m able to take picture of us wherever and whenever. At times though the setup is clunky and even unnecessary. So I started looking on Amazon and was going to get a smaller tripod- enter the Top Peak. I no longer have to worry about carrying around a full tripod and will be able to leverage a table or ledge, as needed, to position the camera higher. I’ll also always have a tripod in my pocket and an added bonus is it is great for using as a stand for me phone. This did get me thinking, what about the times I do need a tripod? I won’t want to carry both setups. Wouldn’t it be great if the Peak Design could also accept a standard 1/4” screw found on most tripods. Looking at the Top Peak, I found that The main support leg, is the exact thickness as a 1/4” #8 nut. Mounting the but to the surface was an option but then the tripod wouldn’t be as sleek and would eliminate some functionality. I realized I could drill a hole in the leg, while sacrificing the key to tighten the mount. I don’t see myself having to do that repeatedly now that I set it. And the benefit of being able to downsize my overall EDC and pair the Insta 360 self stick with built in tripod with the Top Peak seemed like a great alternative. So I drilled a hole in the center of the leg to accommodate the 1/4” nut. It fits perfectly, almost as designed that way (hint hint for v 2.0) There are other ways that this could be accomplished. For instance, I don’t have the tools, and although I know it can be done, I’ve never tapped metal before to thread it. This would eliminate the need for a nut and the removal of as much material from the support leg as I did. At the same time it runs the risk of there not being enough material as there is a cavity where the key was stored. Anyway, I bonded everything together with JB Weld steel and then refinished to match the aesthetic my EDC” > Blockquote

Finally, I leverage the Bellroy key holder to manage my keys and a pair of RayBan aviators to protect my eyes.

Let me know what you guys think. I don’t have a dedicated flashlight. For as infrequently as I need one my phone has worked out well. I also forgo a set of pliers…… I used to carry a Leatherman Wave and found I hated using the pliers more than I missed not having them. I want to buy a pair of the Knipex 5” pliers, but I haven’t determined a good way to carry them. Perhaps in the future.

Looks like nice gear but I’m surprised to see it described as “minimalist”. That looks like quite a luxurious collection of kit if you ask me.

I carry the following; if your list is “minimalist” I’m curious what you call this:
-keyring (nothing extra, just keys & auto lock fob)
-pocketknife (currently a Leek, but I’m not too picky)

Watch? Nope, there are clocks everywhere, and I’m working around machinery or sticking my hands down in tight spaces so often that the watch is just a hassle if not an outright safety liability. Despite not wearing a watch I am never late. I’ll wear one if I’m dressing up nice for a special occasion but it’s not part of my EDC.
Cell phone? Not usually, it can’t annoy me and waste my time if it’s not on me. I use manual machine tools most of the time I’m at work, trying to use a phone while doing that is asking to get myself maimed. I take the phone with me if I’m driving out somewhere and might need it for a road emergency or to pass time for a long sit in a waiting room, airport, etc, but otherwise it just sits on my desk. I hate most phone apps because nearly anything I need them to do my PC can do much better, so I’d rather just forgo the ol pocket-ball-and-chain as much as possible and do the work on my PC.
Headphones? No. I acutally love listening to music, but not while I’m doing something else because then I can’t concentrate on the music. The music can wait until I’m done with my distractions and I sit down and really appreciate it–with LPs and tube amps. Furthermore, I really need to be able to hear for a lot of the work I do so the earplug/earmuff effect of 'phones would be a safety issue. Now if I’m out mowing the lawn? Sure. But 99% of the time, nope.

I would carry a flashlight except I have many in my vehicles, toolbox, workshop, office, home, etc, that there’s never one far away when I need one. The same for tools, I have a fully equipped shop at work, a lot of tools in my work truck, leathermans in every vehicle, and a full selection of tools in my garage, and at least the basics in my garden shed, so again there’s rarely a need to carry tools on my person, there’s always something nearby.

I give you high marks for buzzword compliance! I.e. “…leverage the Bellroy key holder to manage my keys” and “the AirPods Pro is a natural extension of the Apple ecosystem for me.”
Gave me a nice chuckle. :rofl:

Thanks Mechaman. Fair point, I guess minimal is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe it should be pockets only carry…. I see so many people walking around with bags and pouches filled up so the zipper burst :joy:

My EDC is:

  • a wallet (nylon, from Mont-bell, $10)
  • phone (Google Pixel 4A, $300)
  • keys with a tiny SAK (the Rambler, which has a bottle opener, $30)
  • watch (Momentum Atlas, 38 mm with sapphire crystal and rubber band, $185)
  • sometimes a pen (Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen or Uniball Jetstream retractable, both about $2)
  • or pencil (PaperMate Clearpoint, $3 or uniball Kuru Toga, $6, both 0.5 mm with retracting sleeves).

This loadout makes me feel capable and ready to face the day!

I wear a watch because there have been times (specifically when travelling) when I needed to know the time and my phone had died. Also my girlfriend says it keeps me from looking like I shop exclusively at K-Mart. :slight_smile:

I’m sure we’re all grateful to discuss this important topic.

meh - - I find everyday carry to be such an need for man jewelry - and I say that as I never hear or see a woman’s everyday carry thread - not that I think alot of women read toolGUYd but you never know right.

That said the only things I carry EVERYDAY. as in all the time. wallet - freebie leather job I got from Boeing I think. wedding ring. house keys on basic ring by themselves. car fob of which ever I’m driving at the moment - right now I don’t own a car that has a basic key anymore. IE pre 05 car. And my mobile device which right now is a moto edge 2022 or + whatever it’s

aps on phone I think are important too as I use them. SO real calc - scientific calc, unit converter pro, smart tools 2.0 (really this I use for the ruler and the optical distance measure). Today weather. and uhm other stuff I’m sure. I’m on amazon music for now but I’ve tried a few others. OH Just GPS I think it’s called - base GPS data no maps. How many satellites are you on, what’s the accuracy and what is your current Lat Long, speed, direction when moving, etc. Needs no data connection. ALso download your area maps when you can.

Note I said EVERYDAY. Some times based on what I’m going to do like say while at Disney - I carted a battery pack that I never had to use - why. 5000 ahr battery and not on facecrack all day. but I carted one. I sometimes wear a Fossil Gen 5 watch - mostly for the heart rate and other bit. I don’t even wear it every day to work. I used to carry a knife every day so Leatherman Skeltool that I got because of this site - doing it again there is no perfect multitool for me but some new ones get close. Pliers I think are useless to carry every day - scissors on the other hand useful. I do however work in an office.

get this I keep a tool kit at my desk - yes really. flat and phillips a bit holder some bits for hex and torx and 1/4 and 3/8 sockets in SAE and metric. 2 needle nose and a adjustable wrench. I think there might even be ahammer in there - hmmm.

and I keep on in the car I Daily

Depending on what I’m going to do that day the outfitting changes thus not EVERYDAY carry. depending on the day there might be a bang device hanging on to me.

My EDC these days is wallet (free Eagle nylon wallet courtesy of the 2007 Infantry Warfighter’s Convention), car key (someone is usually at the house, but if not that key stays in the vehicle), ink pen or marker, and cell phone(s) (Blackbird BV9700 personal and iPhone 8 issued). If on the job or in an area where my personal service is sketchy, the .mil phone is on me.

Unless I am going on post, I now also include a handgun of some sort. Wardrobe, weather, and degree of laziness affect this, but increasingly the Ruger LCP Max (.380) is on my person with a spare magazine. The EC9s (9x19mm) is becoming a favorite as well. Both are fairly small, pack more punch than my .32s, and have largely supplanted my older carry pieces.

I try to carry a knife when I remember, and for years carried a military issue Gerber multi tool both in and out of uniform. In the coming months I plan to refine my EDC kit, especially as my days of active service are winding down. To me, the keys and wallet are essential, the cell phone, pen and knife a convenience (the phone is a must if carrying a self defense weapon), and a CCW a stress reliever.