What are the best compact EDC tools - price no object (within reason)

I’m getting very tired of junky tools. Sure, a Leatherman (or equivalent) works in a pinch, but it will drive you nuts if you need to use it for more that tightening a screw here and there. I bought a Gerber Centerdrive that was a bit better, but it will still give you a cramped hand if you spend more than a couple of minutes with it.

I’ve replaced the screwdriver with a small Wera Kraftform Compact or a Klein 6in1 Stubby which works well for the screwdriver - especially paired with a Wiha Bitselector for the smaller bits, but what about the other tools - compact pliers, adjustable wrench/channelocks etc.?

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that cheap tools don’t work and you’ll just end up hurting yourself. On the other hand, I don’t need diamond encrusted handles or gold plating.

I also wouldn’t mind finding an even smaller pocketable screwdriver that might be the size of a car key fob (the little folding Klein comes to mind).

I’m an emergency manager with a couple of sites that I manage and when I do my inspections, it is sometimes easier to pull out a screwdriver and tighten up something loose, than to write it up and have somebody else fix it.

Any thoughts?

Re compact pliers, I’d consider a small Knipex pliers wrench. They actually sell a set of the pliers wrench and Cobra pliers, both 5", for EDC.

If it were me, I’d probably get the 5" pliers wrench alone. They also make a 4" pliers wrench.

Re screwdriver, I know you have a solution, but Wera makes a nifty little kit based around a wrench-style ratchet handle. The wrench handle is slender and compact, but allows much greater torque than a screwdriver handle, with less wrist strain. This kit has their color-coded bits, which are excellent. I’d buy one for myself if it didn’t cost $70, but I might give a few as presents. (It costs less than the PB Swiss Insider 3 though.)

I’ve got one of these on my keychain:

Koko’s suggestion of the smaller Knipex pliers is a good one. The 5" pliers wrench would be my pick too.

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If you don’t need the excellent, smooth, parallel jaws of the Knipex pliers-wrench, Amazon has a sale on their more conventional Cobra 6" wrench right now.

Yes, great suggestion. I forgot that I actually have one of these in my junk drawer.

Not that it is junk - it is great quality and is now going into my EDC bag.

the Knipex pliers are worth every penny.

As for multi tools, I prefer the leatherman crunch over all others because of the locking pliers. Truthfully I rarely carry them anymore as I don’t have that need for my EDC. Gerber introduced the Gear Force which has been a popular subject of youtube reviews the last week or so, perhaps worth a look.

For a screw driver, I have Frankensteined together a combination using the leatherman ratcheting but, some neodymium magnets and the CRKT Pocket Driver Stash Tool.

This post has inspired me to post about my EDC. I’ll get a post done in the next few days.

This is what I EDC, hope it gives you some ideas.

I can’t believe I didn’t think to mention these earlier: If you need bits/drivers or things like that, Wera has many great options in their “BitCheck”, “ToolCheck”, and “ToolCheck Plus” lines, etc.

I suggested a Wera Bitcheck set earlier, even though the OP said he had the driver issue solved.

The problem, now that I look at it more, is that you can get sets with handles (either the ratchet wrench handle and the screwdriver handle, or just the ratchet wrench handle) or the Rapidaptor bit holder, but not both a handle and the Rapidaptor bit holder. Sometimes a 1" bit just isn’t long enough, and the Rapidaptor bit holder could function as an extension, but you can’t get it in a neat little kit with a handle. Or am I wrong?

(Also, I don’t like Wera’s screwdriver-style handles.)