Name and email for posting

Does anyone else have the issue where to reply to a post you have to always put in your name and e-mail? Until a few days ago the site always remembered my name and e-mail when I visited with this computer. (specific to stored cookies or some other data set)

Now it does not - does anyone else have this issue. I use win 7pro, with Chrome FYI.

Not tooltalk forum - it’s keeping me logged in when I visit here. THe main guyd site is what I’m referring to.

Thank you

I think that’s the way that Stuart (the site owner for ToolGuyd and ToolTalk) set them up.
You don’t sign in/login to ToolGuyd - you do here at ToolTalk.
When I replay on ToolGuyd - I always have to provide my moniker and my email address.
Once I hit the reply button on ToolGuyd it looks like it logs me off - no editing possible (often a nuisance as I never learned to type and have fat fingers.)

Mine also used to remember my name and Email in the browser, that seems to have stopped in the past day or so, and now I have to enter them every time. Oh well. iPhone 7+ on Safari here.

Usually remembering fields is a function of your browser, did you clear your cache recently? Did you change browser settings? (did chrome update recently?) Just asking the obvious questions, sorry.

Hmmm… It sounds like you tried multiple times. It should have remembered the second time if your settings were reset for some reason.

I don’t think Stuart’s changed anything recently other than disabling a plugin that’s been causing trouble with load times. I’ll talk to him and see if there’s anything that would have caused this.

I just checked Chrome on my desktop (that hasn’t closed in months) and remembered my info up until now, but it too has lost it, and doesn’t seem to keep it if I enter but cancel a comment. Though that may have been regular behavior if you cancelled. I also seem to remember there being a remember me box along with the username and password fields, which I don’t see now…

Prior to the last week in May, the plugin provided “subscribe to comments” functionality.

Occasionally, my phone (Android, Chrome) forgets that I’m logged in, and I have to do so before I can comment.

I didn’t make any recent changes, and this is the first I heard about the problem.

I saw a comment from a regular earlier, and it made it through to moderation because of an email misspelling.

I’ll have to look into things.

The only thing I can think of is that the weird EU privacy effects are being acted upon, but that’s a stretch.

Have you tried clearing cookies for the site? There’s a chrome plugin, or you can do it automatically.

I’ll try to replicate things.

So, does it forget things with every visit as soon as you close the browser?

Have you tried restarting/relaunching Chrome? Sometimes that does the trick for me.

I’ll see what I can find out - thanks for letting me know!

Okay, I have good news and bad news.

Good news - it’s not something that I’ve done.

Bad news - I tried ToolGuyd, an experimental test site, and another Wordpress site (toolsinaction), and none of them saved my info. This was in Safari on a Macbook 13".

I don’t know what this means. I can’t find any recent documentation about whether it’s a Wordpress change, or a change in browsers.

Working on it.

There’s a new setting I had to enable, requiring opt-in for the info to be saved in the browser.

Reload the page - do you see it?

It’s unsightly, but should do the trick.

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I see the checkbox now! Seems how I remember it having to check a checkbox, just maybe with less verbiage, but not really unsightly. Thanks for being so on top of things!

It’s possible the checkbox was along with the “subscribe to comments” checkbox.

But this, I’m 95% sure this is new and resulting from the EU privacy stuff, because it’s affected 3 out of the 3 sites I checked.

I’m happy it’s fixed for now, will at some point see what I can do about its looks. Maybe italics will do the trick.

Thank you and yes I bet the EU requirements kicked into effect on a number of browsers. I know chrome updated twice in the last 2 weeks to perhaps that’s part of the issue.