Need help finding hearing protection

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the Ryobi Tek4 noise suppression headphones, but the are superlative. They have an auxiliary port for a music device and best of all they have a voice amplifying microphone. It was this feature that set them apart from any other that I have seen. I never had to remove them to have a conversation or hear my phone ring. The ear cup foam has worn out, plus I would like a second a pair. Sadly, Ryobi doesn’t make them any more. Does anyone know of a similar product? I’ve searched all over the web to no avail.

If you have Direct tools outlet near by there is a very good chance they have the Ryobi tek4’s in stock.
Currently out of stock online but check their site often.

Unfortunately the nearest store is hundreds of miles away. Thanks for the tip, though.

I have to drive through the outlet center by me this weekend anyway, I can stop in and see if the one there has these things, maybe make it more worth your while going out to get them at yours if they do… I’ll let you know.
INSTOCK ONLINE NOW. Please note these are “blemished” though I wouldn’t let that stop me for getting them.

These earmuff style headphones are what I had envisioned, maybe the OP can clarify? I think those phone works ones are available regularly in some Home Depot’s…

ha I think your right… opps

Those are the ones exactly. Unfortunately, they can no longer be purchased through Home Depot.

Right. I’ll take a look at my direct tools when I’m over that way anyway this weekend and see if they happen to have any, but I don’t see any listed on their website.