Need help to identify two wires from small Stanley air compressor

Hi members,
need help with small Stanley air compressor which has stopped working. It is out of warranty, and I had just open it. To check byself, and first thing what I have found are two wires were not connected. Like they were torn out, and I have in mind that could happened by cooling propeller. When searching for connectors, it is strange that there is no proper space from they could come.
If I’m correct they are both connected directly on both motor poles (positive, and negative widing)

No clue - but have you tried searching the internet for “Stanley (your model #) wiring diagram”

Nope. Model is 200/8/6, and Google nothing return.

My small electric knowledge, and logic is telling me to connect positive pole with brown wire), and negative with blue wire). I could try it directly, without the pressure swithc. I guess…

Too bad

I took a peek too - looking for Stanley and Nu-Air (OEM) wiring diagrams - and also found nothing pertinent