Netsuren wrench set

Good Morning,
I have a question for the board and hopefully you all can help me… I buy and sell antiques and vintage items including tools…I ran across a complete set of never used Netsuren metric wrenches, Allen wrenches, socket tool and 5 wooden handled screw drivers with the original Army green canvas wrap bag…the old man I bought them from told me that he was an industrial engineer and whenever they would buy a million dollar piece of equipment these tool bags would come with the equipment… the place he worked at told him he could have a set and he took them home and just put it in his garage and they sat there for at least 40 years… They are brand new and have never been used… there is like 28 wrenches, 10 Allen wrenches, 5 wooden handle screwdrivers and some sort of socket tool… I was wandering if anyone would know what a
complete set of unused Netsuren industrial tools would be valued at…a few of my friends have told me that they are incredibly good tools that are pretty desirable… Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide…

Have you checked eBay to see what sets like this are listed for/have sold for?

There’s nothing anywhere on line that can compare to this set… I seen that a set of 7 used wrenches sold for $150 and another mixed set with 4 Netsuren wrenches along with some other brands is listed at $300 but nothing in terms of a complete set like this… I guess I can just list it online and see what happens… it’s a beautiful set of tools… I would keep them but I don’t really have a need for a set this heavy duty… I do more work on Antique furniture…Thanks for the reply…

Sell for whatever. The market will decide. No buyers, too bad. Few buyers, you score.