New brushless tools?

I saw this posted a while back on the main site and the Toolsofthetrade article has proven correct with Ridgid.
Im quite curious if there is any more info on the Porter Cable stuff and Ryobi?

Considering DeWalt just snuk their new goodies out.

Seeing as Porter Cable is the same company as DeWalt, im sure at some point they might,cant say ive heard anything thou. They may not considering how long it took them to get a hammer drill in this lineup.

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I think that they could, but whether they will or not might depend on whether they can do so at a low enough price point.

We’ve seen a number of SBD tools that were set to come out, only to be temporarily delayed or permanently set on hold.

Right now, I’m not so sure we’re bound to see Porter Cable brushless tools so soon. (Most times I say something like this, an announcement proves me wrong rather quickly, so who knows.)

Porter Cable needs to get their self identity and public perception matched up before they can release premium cordless power tools.

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Yeah i agree,thats why I didnt bother getting the hammer drill in this lineup,im waiting for the new Bosch Brushless stuff to release soon so we can see how it compares to the newer dewalt offerings. DCD796 has my attention.

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So had to pick up a vanity from Lowes today and noticed they added a 2nd end cap for Porter Cable, the regular one still there with all the Linked 20v stuff as usual but the 2nd new one seemed focused on batteries and the 18ga Nailers with a demo screen… so thought it was cool that they added a 2nd cap but then noticed almost all the prices were back “down” to pre holiday pricing ie the drill impact combo had gone up to $179 and now 149 again. when I got home I saw a deal site post

soo am I wrong in seeing a trend to “clear inventory” for new (brushless) tools in the PC line? Or just wishfully reading too much into it?

There was talk about brushless, but I haven’t heard anything concrete yet.

Lowes has a new deal with Hitachi, and Kobalt is coming out with a new lineup, so PC might be getting lower emphasis as a result.

With deals, maybe CPO worked out a deal with PC to move promo kits.

That combo came out in late October,

And at the time I wrote:

I’m thinking that it was a Holiday 2015 kit that CPO had way too much of just sitting around.

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