New DeWalt 40v 6-pack Charger
Bullet points:
Charger and carrying case for (6) 40V MAX Lithium Ion batteries.
*Weather-resistant and durable for everyday, heavy-duty landscaper use.
*10 Amp fast charger that sequentially charges all six batteries.Intelligence to automatically select to charge battery closest to full charge to maximize battery availability.
*LED charging indicators to communicate which batteries are charging, waiting to be charged, or fully charged.

I’m not an owner of any 40v OPE but while I like the over all design, I find it kinda sad that it’s a sequential charger, granted it’s 10a but DeWalt commonly uses simultaneous charging in most all multi chargers.

That looks pretty nice. I don’t foresee investing in 40v Max OPE anytime soon, but the 20v Max stuff has worked well enough that I’d consider it. Have to agree about it being unfortunate that it is a sequential charger, but that thing looks pretty hefty and reinforces the concept of DeWalt’s 40v Max system targeting professionals.