New Dewalt pin nailer DCN623


why was “your link” deleted again ?
if you search google (pictures) the DCN623 picture pops up with
“your reference” toolguyd !



Deleted again? Stuart pulled the post because he decided there wasn’t enough information released yet. He talks about it in this post: Who Even Wants a Cordless Pin Nailer Anyway?

But he pulled it only once, as far as I know.

Google search results often show dead or out of date material.

I want a cordless pin nailer. Thinking back to all those times I was putting up crown putting the compressor outside, hoping 50 feet was long enough, having it hang up somewhere, connections popping loose. Putting the gun down on the ladder only to watch the hose drag it off onto the ground…cuss words flowing effusively from my mouth. They aren’t cheap though.

I’ve decided to wait for official details.