New Dewalt Tough System DS 450 Wheeled box

Does anyone have any idea when to expect the new DS 450 Touch System Box box with built in wheels.

I saw it on the Home Depot site a few weeks ago, but only for a few days. With no stock in any stores.
They than changed it to item not available, and not its no longer on their website.

Here is a link to what it looks like.

I really want to buy into the Touch System tool boxes. But I want an easy way to transport them from car to job site etc.
The big cart that is available is way to big for what I need this for.

The rigid comparison of these boxes has a wheeled version but they don’t have other box options that the Dewalt system has. i.e. Open top tote, screw/parts organizer bin, etc.


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Probably the Fall?

This is the first I’ve seen of this, there hasn’t been any sort of official announcement or release yet.

There’s no info yet regarding weight capacity or anything of the sort. I also can’t tell if the square tubing handle can accept the same rails as the standalone cart.

Nice find!

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I was told October 9th 2016 by my local HD…we will see

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Can anyone confirm that these are in stock now at the local HD.

Item number maybe?

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HD SKU #1001967428

Check with my local HD today…they said the ordered 8 and they where going to be delivered today.

They are not on that I am aware of but the DS300 are and I have 2 on order.

I will be posting pics on Instragram @toughtoolreviews and or the TIA forum.

I hope it helps

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This is frustrating

I called 2 HDs today and provided the sku# above.

Both said that they dont carry it. .

Which location has the 8 coming in.

Never expected it would be this hard to spend some money.

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According to my HD they are still at the vendor. If you really want to get a answer it is best to stop by the store.
Calling has never gotten me any where.:wink:

Provide a employee with the sku# and have them look it up on their handheld device. Some stores have ordered the DS450 in my area (Michigan) and some have not.

You need to go in and ask if your local store even ordered them so you do not go on a wild goose chase.

The manager took my phone :iphone: number and said he will call when they come in. I am just going to keep checking.

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I haven’t seen it yet either.

I’m guessing it’ll be put out on display right after Halloween.

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I saw one on the shelf in Midlothian, VA last week. Also, picked up a DS 130 box yesterday in Phenix City, AL.

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It looks like it is now available online at for shipping.

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When looking at this I also ran across this:

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I can confirm this is now available in HD Canada.


Saw one and purchased it at Brampton, Ontario location.

They had 2 more left

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I couldn’t bring myself to pay the canadian premium. Instead of paying $149 each, I went across the border to Bellingham and picked up two for $59 ea. So approximately $80 each CAD$, so $160 instead of $300+tax.

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At least you could load the stuff in your car.
I was in Basel earlier in the year and noticed lots of folks on the tram loaded down with packages.
I inquired of the concierge - and was told that the tram line crossed the border into Germany where there was a big shopping center where stuff was much cheaper than in Switzerland.

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A lot of people actually park just before the border and walk across to the shipping/pickup places and walk back with their packages. Can save a lot of time over waiting in the car lineups on each side.

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