New Husky Tool Chest Line

Has anyone seen these new Husky branded textured black tool chests at HD? I have not been impressed with the quality of the Husky chests I have seen in-store and have been leaning towards getting the Milwaukee version. However, I came across what appears to be a new version online:

My HD does not have these in-stock. Has anyone seen them yet, or even better, purchased one?

Christmas is coming; I want to be sure Santa gets me the right tool chest!

Thanks all!

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You mean the ones that are similar to this?

I’m surprised that we don’t have any coverage. I could have swore Stuart wrote something.

I’ve seen them in a few different Home Depots. They seem very similar to the Milwaukee chests. I think if you like the Milwaukee you’d like the new Husky. They have the same soft close drawer feature, pretty similar casters, and decent construction. They are definitely a step above the old Husky stuff.

I watched this video a few days ago and thought it was a pretty good in store walk through:

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I missed the post about the workbench (and it didn’t show up when I searched for husky tool chest). But that video you linked is exactly the one I was looking at online and apparently it is a good box. Thanks for sharing! I hope others leave some feedback that come across these as well.

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I have a test sample that I briefly went through before having to pack it away for a garage remodel.

I do like it, and was surprised but what they could bundle into the design.

I really don’t like the edge trim, and told this to Husky, as it creates sharp corners at the top of the chest. Reach over the chest to a shelf, and it’ll scratch you.

But for the money, I’m impressed.

Some aspects, such as the casters, seem to be compromised slightly. The casters on the 56" unit and the workbench are the same as on Milwaukee’s, or extremely similar. The ones on these are similar, but could be a lower priced line from the same manufacturer, or similar casters from another maker.

I’ll have more on it soon, but in the meantime, definitely check it out in-store if you’re interested in buying it.

I was initially critical of the flat-style keyed locks, but then the higher priced unit came in with locks stuck in an unopenable position.


Thanks Stuart! Those are good points that I will investigate further. Unfortunately we don’t have any in stores near me - yet. I will be keeping an eye out for them though! My biggest concern is probably the caster situation. Even in the youtube video that Ben shared, its evident the casters on this unit are much smaller than the other boxes next to it. I don’t anticipate moving it around frequently but I don’t want to invest ~$800 into something with a known issue.

If I come across one in person I will add more feedback.

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I have that box. I actually used my own money to pay for it too, so I must like it more than I hate it. Having said that, I will try to relate what made me choose it over the Milwaukee and the other less expensive Husky and I will point out what I don’t like about it.
But first to Stuarts comment about the edge trim. I don’t find it dangerous or sharp, just tacky, like it was stuck on as an afterthought to create a bit of glossy smooth on the corners of the textured surface. I am here to tell you my friends that is exactly what it is, pieces of thin steel painted shiny black stuck on the corners, in fact when I was in the store messing around with the display, one piece fell off. Underneath was a nice wrinkle black finish like the rest of the box, just like the Milwaukee is red wrinkle all over. My plan is to probably pull it all off, it will look a lot better.
The rest of this will be random thoughts.
The keys and locks-I have three different ones, I would have preferred matching top and bottom and a different one for the individual locking drawer but you can’t always get what you want. My understanding is the other Husky box is keyed differently top and bottom also but the Milwaukee can be fixed up to work like my plan.
The finish-While I like the textured finish on both the Milwaukee and the Husky, it would be difficult to paint and get a nice result myself. I have come to dislike red. It’s too common, Craftsman, Milwaukee, Snap On, Harbor Freight. The Masterforce at Menards comes in green in stock at the store and special order in red, black and blue. Eventually I’ll get tired of the black too or want some accents, like the Milwaukee’s different color drawers.
The built in electric strips-Forget about all these in every box, you can do the same thing yourself for about $15.00. But as long as it’s there I’ll mention the on/off switch, it’s located towards the rear, making it difficult to reach, I’ll be turning those around.
The magnetic strips-Very well integrated but this is something you could do yourself as well. Whether it’s better than the pegboard back in the Milwaukee or not is a personal thing but I like it.
My decision really came down to the size and layout-Both Husky boxes are the same width and the Milwaukee is smaller. The big difference is the drawer layout. They all have one full width socket drawer (that’s what I’m calling it because that’s what it’s for) at the top of the bottom cart. The big difference is the new Husky has a middle ball bearing glide underneath, this helps with the stability of the wide drawer. You have to be very careful which one of the old Husky boxes you buy, there are actually two different SKUs, one has a deeper socket drawer. By the way, the narrow Milwaukee doesn’t even have a proper socket drawer, the deep one is halfway down the lower chest, it’s useless which makes this a none choice. The new Husky also has additional deep drawers at the bottom of the top chest. The Milwaukee bottom cart has a couple handy very deep drawers at the bottom and a mid deep drawer. The old Husky has a lot of shallow drawers which is what mechanics want but I’m not a pro mechanic. The new Husky has quite a few slightly deeper drawers, this works for me because I have several socket and tool sets in plastic cases too deep for regular wrench etc. drawers.
What I don’t like so much-I already mentioned not being able to paint it and the cheesy edge trim. You get one handle for the bottom cabinet but threaded inserts on both sides for your choice of locations, so no matter which you choose, your left with holes that look like something is missing. The wrinkle finish attracts dirt whenever I brush up against it. Not really enough to make it a no-go so all in all, for my money there’s no better bargain.


Just got this chest its was a discounted display unit. Love the chest agree with the handle issue, they could have put some plugs in there to cover the holes.

As with any display deals my chest was missing the keys for the lockable drawer. The HD folks didn’t have a clue to where I can get Keys. Have anyone heard of a source to get keys made for this tool chest?


Good old fashioned lock smith should be able to help you out.

Kouya definitely look for a veteran locksmith. We have one here and he’s a go-to guy for most kind of key problems.

I have a husky tool box in switch i love. It is great has plugs ans usb plugs in it. It is the best one at home depote. Now i was wondering if anyone know it you can add cabines to the box i justneed some more room to fit more stuff

Hey guys, new to the site and seen this post and yes I know its old. I was looking at this same 52" tool box but then seen the 56" Model # HOTC5623BB1S., Online it said “NOT AVAILABLE” Have they discontinued this line already? I called HD online and was to it out of stock and they have none on order.

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Well just went on HD site and the 56 is now marked discontinued, that sucks… Does any one know who made this box and why the DC it> Also does Huskey have there own web site or is it just HD?

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