New Metabo LTX-3 - 18 volt drill/driver with 3800 rpm top speed

Finally a three speed drill with three useful speeds: 600, 2050, and 3800. Similar to Festool’s hammer drill, but more affordable (but still expensive). Most other three speed drills, like Dewalt, just add a middle speed of 1000 or so, which I never use. Plus I love the removable chuck, so it can be used as a more compact driver, in place of an impact driver.

I wish Metabo drills were more widely available. According to Google this is available only at Amazon and Lehigh Valley Abrasives. I may have to buy one.

Other opinions welcome!


hammer drill/driver:

My first Metabo was an 15.6v nicad cordless. I still have it, plus corded grinder, circ saw, paint stripper, and drywall screwdrivers. Excellent build on all of them. The drill impulse mode is really effective for difficult jobs where you are likely to break or strip a screw or have the drill point wander when starting a hole in hard materials like steel or ceramic tiles.
The fast speed on this new model is almost up to the 4000rpm of their little specialist cordless pilot drill. Excellent.
A top choice for a powerful versatile drill but personally I would like the other version of this that also does power tapping even more.

Metabo aim many of their tools at intensive use in industrial production. Taking nothing away from Festool who make well designed tools, they have little or no presence in that segment.