New PB Swiss Insider Stubby vs Wiha Stubby Multi-Bit Driver

It looks like PB Swiss has a new Insider Stubby screwdriver coming out next month.

I’d be interested in a “Toolguyd head-to-head” versus the Wiha Stubby Multi-Bit Driver that was well recommended here.

I did not know about this, thanks!

I reviewed the PB Swiss stubby a while back, and I do like it a lot. Its price has climbed a bit since I bought it.

I can’t believe it’s been this long, but I reviewed the PB Swiss Insider 7 years ago:

It’s still one of my favorite hand tools.

The Insider Stubby that you linked to has a soft grip, so it’s going to be a lot like the stubby but driver.

I haven’t used that Wiha multi-bit driver, but have used Wiha stubby Phillips and slotted screwdrivers of the same handle design.

Based on the price, I think that the Wiha would provide almost the same experience, but at a lot lower cost. PB Swiss tools are great, but with their multi-bit drivers you’re spending a lot on those bits.

I think that the PB Swiss one might be more comfortable to use. While I have nothing against Wiha’s MicroFinish handle grip material, PB Swiss does an excellent job with Santoprene soft grips.

It might be some time before the Insider Subby is available in the US, but I’ll definitely keep in mind to do a head-to-head.

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Thanks Stuart. I wonder how the manufacturing tolerances will compare between the two. Last time I handled a Wiha, I was disappointed by the fit and finish compared to PB Swiss.

You’re welcome!

PB Swiss costs a lot more than Wiha, and so I’d hope to see significantly more attention to details.

Even so, I don’t think any of my Wiha tools have ever been lacking in terms of quality. Surely they’re still fantastic tools for the price.